Rewarding work is an ever-evolving challenge in today’s changing employment climate. That’s why we are happy to announce the launch of a series of new Fond features centered around personalization. We made Fond a more personalized experience for both our employee end-users and our HR administrators, catering to the individual expectations and needs of all our users. No, easy task, right?

Why is personalization great?

Personalization is what employees today expect from technology, products and services. It’s what individuals get in their personal life, on their mobile devices, when they shop, stream music, network, and even when an ad catches their eye.

A recent survey from Sitecore about expectations of users regarding mobile devices found that the #1 expectation was “apps/websites that are more personalized.” Mobile improvements have consistently driven these expectations for all online experiences – at home and work. Reinforcing that, Bersin found that “the key driver of HR technology adoption is the need for more compelling, consumer-like experiences.” And personalization is at the forefront of those experiences.

Perks Product Enhancements

Mobile Perks Locator

Fond iPhone app users can now get a visual map of all the perks available in their area. By just hovering over the orange teardrops in the map, users can see the name of the perk that’s near them. So, whether at home or on the go, employees will always have top-of-mind the great savings they can get by using Fond.


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Mobile Perk Alerts

Along with the new mobile perks locator, iPhone app users will get alerts when they get close to their favorite stores or businesses that offer Fond perks. Together, these two new iPhone app mobile features – Perks Alerts and Perks Locator –  will significantly boost adoption and usage of Fond, increasing the savings your employees will enjoy.

Concierge Perks

Have a specific new perk request? Our team will go out and negotiate with that vendor on your behalf so you can offer the perk to your employees. With Concierge Perks, you can custom-tailor your perks assortment to meet the unique needs of your workforce.

Rewards Product Enhancements

New! Experiential Rewards

We’ve added a ton of new rewards with over 80 e-gift cards and the ability to apply your rewards credit to any of our 800+ perks. But one of the most exciting additions to our rewards line-up is Experiential Rewards.


Experiential Rewards bring another dimension to employee engagement with individual and team-based activities that employees can experience, remember and share on their free time or even with their team at work. Experiential activities include scuba diving, zip line rides, food tours, Indy car racing, whale watching and more!

Custom Recognition Occasions

Fond product administrators can add company-specific recognition occasions to help build culture, reinforce core values, reward work, and boost performance. Creating custom occasions connected with a company’s values or key company goals can be an effective way of aligning leadership, managers and employees to achieve critical business results. Examples of such occasions include key company values (e.g. ‘the courage to try’), targeted behaviors (e.g. ‘act like one team’) and company milestones (e.g. ‘global new product launch’).

Custom Occasions - Small Size

Company-Specific Rewards

Company-Specific Rewards are rewards unique to your company that are particularly meaningful to your employees. Custom rewards can include a company’s own products or branded swag, lunch with the CEO, or just about any product or experience you can dream up. They can also include any existing rewards you have at your company that HR manages manually, but would rather automate.



At Fond, we’re committed to creating easy-to-use, personalized product experiences that delight our customers time and again. We’re confident our new Perks and Rewards feature releases will do just that and help boost employee happiness along the way.

For more information on these enhancements, feel free to contact us at any time.  

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