Our Values

Help Customers Succeed

We always think from our customers’ perspectives and make decisions based on what will help our customers succeed.

Help Each Other Succeed

A company win is more important than a team win, and a team win is more important than an individual win. When there is a problem, we help each other address it instead of blaming each other.


“Over the course of my time at Fond, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the smartest, friendliest, and quirkiest people. These individuals have made a positive impact in my life both personally and professionally. It doesn’t feel so much like ‘work’ when you’re surrounded by people you enjoy, and that’s something I truly value in a company.”

Ryan Shim, Senior Software Engineer


"Everyone at Fond works towards the same goal of helping the customer succeed! As someone with a customer-facing role, it is great to know the rest of Fond has my back when the customer needs something taken care of."

Derek Jaffarian, Customer Success Manager


“I appreciate how the engineering team has always been encouraged to voice our individual needs and adapt accordingly as a group. I also appreciate how decisions are usually made out of a place of empathy, whether it's noticing a pain point for a fellow engineer or making sure no one feels ill-equipped to handle the work that needs to get done.”

Rebecca Dudley, Technical Lead Engineer

Our Benefits

A Culture of Recognition

We celebrate our employees for accomplishments both big and small, from our quarterly Helpies awards to daily peer-to-peer recognition.

Competitive Salary & Equity Package

We offer a competitive compensation package that includes equity for all full-time employees.

Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

We cover 100% of our employees’ premium for health, dental, and vision insurance, and 60% of dependents’.

Flexible Time Off

We offer flexible paid vacation and sick leave so employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Hybrid-Remote Work

Hybrid-Remote Work
We strive our best to accommodate our employees' working environments with a hybrid-remote model.

Corporate Discounts

We give all employees full access to our Perks product which features tons of discounts & deals for travel, food, technology, and more.