“With Fond, we can send instantaneous recognition, which makes employees feel valued in real-time. Fond really makes us feel like we’re ‘All for One’ no matter where we’re located.”

Sasha Rhodes
Human Resource Manager, Mercari

“Our employee engagement has improved drastically. I can say, with confidence, that Fond was a big part of that. We couldn’t have made the kind of impact on our workforce without Fond, and it’s been an overwhelming success.”

Amy Hardy
Talent and Culture Manager, CSD


A Streamlined Way to Manage Corporate Perks

Exeter Finance

Flexibility and Customization for an Ever-Growing Business


Amazing Incentives For A Competitive Workforce


Why 74% of Employees Feel More Appreciated at Work


Global Recognition for a Global Workforce


Scaling with Employee Recognition and Perks

Success Academy

Scaling Engagement and Wellness Programs Using Fond

CareRite Centers

Perks for Every Department, in Every Office

Hawaii National Bank

Driving Core Company Values with Fond

Delta Dental

Increasing Recognition by 93% with Fond Rewards

“Fond’s Rewards platform instantly improved employee recognition utilizing a fun and easy to use approach. The platform has allowed us to measure progress in the organization on employee recognition, which is a key part of our initiatives.”

Chris Herrick
Chief Human Resource Officer, OMEGA Engineering


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