Develop an employee engagement plan that works for your company

Do you wish all of your HR systems could work together? Do you want a way to motivate employees to complete all of their trainings on time, hit their sales goals, and participate in open enrollment, and more? And wouldn’t it be great if you could reward them for achieving these goals in one consolidated and integrated platform?

With Fond’s application program interface (API), you can.

APIs enable products and platforms to programmatically speak and work with each other to provide one unified solution. APIs are used in all aspects of daily life, from using a smart speaker to turn on your lights to tracking your location via GPS.

Fond’s public API makes it easy to reward your employees for actions and achievements in a single place. This brings all of your HR systems together to incentivize employees to work harder and smarter.

Fond’s API in Practice

Let’s say an employee finishes a company training module on one platform and closes a sale on another. As employees achieve these accomplishments day-to-day, rewarding them across these disparate platforms is difficult to track and manage.

Our public API enables platforms to integrate with Fond so that employees can collect and redeem their rewards in one place. HR leaders get a standard approach to managing rewards, and they operate as part of a seamless and integrated recognition experience.

Partner with Fond

Fond’s public API includes a comprehensive provider API that allows authenticated partners to programmatically provision and manage all aspects of a Fond account, including managing employee rosters, giving recognition to one or more employees, and much more. To learn more about how you can leverage Fond’s public API, visit this page or reach out to us at