Increase Employee Engagement by Rewarding Your Workforce

When employees feel appreciated at work, they are more productive and supportive of your company's core values. Fond Rewards enables HR departments, managers and employees to celebrate special accomplishments and send or receive redeemable reward points for great work. With Fond, your employees and management can acknowledge and reward important milestones.


Get the most out of Fond's Rewards platform by leveraging our exclusive features.


Social Feed

Celebrating accomplishments is vital to keeping your employees engaged. Fond’s social feed is a convenient and fun way for your workforce to view and celebrate recognitions. Employees can see, like, or add comments to recognition events, all within the Fond platform.


Your company is unique, and your rewards should be, too. Tailor your employee rewards using two unique features.

Custom Rewards
Create unique and meaningful rewards such as dinner with the CEO, free cafeteria lunches for a week, branded company swag, and much more.

Custom Recognition Events
Create recognition events that embody your unique corporate values. For example, if your company values customer service, you can create a custom “Outstanding Customer Service” award for outstanding work.



Track your rewards program usage and success on your Rewards dashboard. Report on program ROI and rewards budget usage. View metrics that display top recognizers and recipients, commonly redeemed rewards, usage stats, and more.

Engagement Survey

Measuring employee engagement helps HR departments review work morale and identify areas for improvement. Our simple survey measures employee engagement on eight important engagement dimensions, including employee net promoter score (eNPS).



HRIS Integrations

We make life easy for program administrators. Fond’s simple set of integrations with leading HR systems like Workday, ADP, and Namely enable quick implementation.

Mobile Access

Our mobile apps deliver recognition to employees anytime, anywhere. Send, receive, view, and comment on recognition events, all from your mobile device.

Admin Dashboard

Gain visibility into program usage and performance, control and manage your Rewards budget, and streamline user administration.


Core Values Reinforcement

Encourage employees to uphold your company values by highlighting exemplary behavior and rewarding outstanding work.

Spot Bonuses

Did your standout employees accomplish something great? Reward them immediately with in-the-moment recognition when they achieve.

Service Awards and Birthdays

Automate birthday notifications, work anniversaries, and other annual milestones.


Pile on the praise to build a culture of appreciation. Peers can recognize each other with or without allocating redeemable points.

Sales Spiffs

Ensure your sales team is motivated to land the next big deal. Administer and monitor sales spiff programs with our efficient tool.

Office Gifting

Send gifts to employees when they experience important life events like marriage, an addition to the family, or purchasing a new home.


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