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All the Savings with Zero the Work

Introducing Fond’s new Google Chrome extension, allowing users to browse the websites that they visit regularly – to book trips, shop online, browse gym memberships and more – and receive immediate notifications when the site offers a Fond discount.

And we think that’s exciting. Here’s why:

You can keep doing your thing. The new extension allows Fond to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine. Instead of visiting Fond every time you want to browse or redeem perks, users can peruse the web and let the perks come to them. Easy as pie.

Increase engagement. This extension guarantees that Fond members will never miss an opportunity to redeem a perk. Even if a new perk is added to the platform one minute before a user visits the brand name’s site, they’ll be notified of it; and they can start saving with a click of a button.

Download Fond’s Chrome extension for free here.

The extension is free to all members and appears as a thin, yellow banner at the top of the page. It links directly to the Fond site, where members can redeem the perk before purchasing their movie tickets, magazine subscriptions, food delivery orders and more.

Plus, it’s a perfect way to save during the holidays! We’re currently adding an average of five perks to the platform every week, and though our team is incredibly excited about this growth, our number one priority is to maintain a product that is fun, easy, and helpful for people to use. Fond users can now remain up-to-date on new perks and maximize their savings while doing half the work.