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Just in time for holiday season, Fond has opened up its Perks product to enable up to five family members to now enjoy specially negotiated corporate discounts on hundreds of popular items! This benefit is available to all existing and future Fond Perks customers.

Family Access with Fond

To take advantage of Family Access, employees simply log into Fond, click on their profile photos or initials in the top right corner, and select Invite Family. Here, they can enter the names of loved ones to whom they wish to extend this benefit.

“This exciting enhancement expands the value of the Fond Premium Perks program by up to five times,” said Taro Fukuyama, CEO & Co-Founder of Fond. “We’ve received so many accolades from our customers’ employees about how much they appreciate access to the steep discounts offered through the Perks program. With that in mind, we realized how powerful it would be to extend that same benefit to the entire family unit. This is a win for everybody, as it not only helps a larger pool of people save money, but also serves to increase the engagement employees feel toward their employers and their jobs. A more engaged workforces helps our customers attract, retain, and motivate their employees and is one of the key differences between good and great companies”.

Fond Perks is a corporate discounts platform where employees get instant access to pre-negotiated, best-rate-guaranteed discounts on hundreds of products and services spanning categories in fitness, travel, professional development, home services, entertainment, and more.

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