Develop an employee engagement plan that works for your company

Company culture secrets. Everyone has them. Everyone wants to know yours.

Well, luckily, Fond is not shy about what makes our company culture great. This October, our team chose to be extra ambitious. Each of us submitted one non-work related goal that we hope to accomplish by the end of the month.

Seven of the fifteen goals submitted this month are related to exercising regularly, while others are vows to pick up a new hobby or revisit one that’s fallen by the wayside. One of our teammates is committed to, ‘eat[ing] salads every day for lunch!’ So evidently, many of us strive to treat our bodies better.

Because we’ve all done it. We’ve all prioritized work at the expense of our personal plans – say, to eat healthy meals – and ended up substituting a bag of office Doritos for lunch just to meet a deadline. It’s hard to justify going for a run when there’s still work to do at the office, and even as a company devoted to employee wellness, we have to remind ourselves to set aside time for personal development.

So here’s to giving yourself some love! With the help of our teammates and the Monthly Goals board, we hope to stay motivated about heading the gym, developing new skills, and picking up a book like we always wanted to.