Employee recognition is best when unexpected.

Fond is a SaaS platform that seamlessly consolidates employee rewards processes into one easy-to-use solution. With Fond, employees and managers can access exclusive corporate discounts and measure success so HR departments spend less time managing programs and more time driving results. 

Fond is proud to offer a perk from PethubPetHub offers the most affordable, comprehensive pet protection available through a FREE online profile that connects to a QR coded identification tag.

Fond members get 40% off any product purchased through PetHub’s online shop and an additional 60% off any subscription.

What You Can Get from Fond Perks

Family Access

Add up to five family members to Fond Perks at no additional cost.

Browser Extensions

Get notifications when a perk is available on any site and receive discounts even when you’re not expecting them. You can also see when perks are available in Google searches.

Use Rewards Points

Use rewards points to redeem your favorite perks on the platform and save as much as possible.

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