Employee wellness: how to get employees to work as a team

Wellness programs are a great way to motivate your workforce, reduce stress, and even cut costs on medical expenses for your business. Did you know you can use Fond to incentivize wellness at work by rewarding physical activity and making healthy lifestyles more affordable for your employees?

Fond offers your employees preferred pricing on gym memberships, enables companies to subsidize all or part of your employees’ gym membership fees, and supports wellness challenges by recognizing and rewarding employees who achieve wellness goals.

Fond is proud to partner with Anytime Fitness!

Anytime Fitness delivers convenience and affordability for all members. Members can exercise anytime; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, using their own security – access key. Talk about no more excuses! Incentivize wellness at work with a convenient and quality corporate perk.

Fond members can save:

  • 10% off monthly dues
  • 50% off a one-time enrollment fee
  • 10% off monthly tanning fee (if applicable)
  • 7-day passes for AnyPerk members to use for family/friends

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