Entrepreneur AnyPerk 100 Brilliant Companies

We have very exciting news. We’ve been named among 100 Brilliant Companies to watch by Entrepreneur Magazine!

In Entrepreneur’s own words, their annual list of “100 Brilliant Companies to Watch” is:

“…The picture of entrepreneurship today. It’s a picture we try to illustrate through our selection of 100 brilliant companies, ideas and technologies that are responding to consumer demand, solving problems and filling voids we might not have even realized were there … they inspire us, and they are driving change.”

And we are so excited to announce that Fond has made Entrepreneur’s exclusive list as the startup that is giving businesses a better way to offer employee perks!

Writer Matt Villano put it simply: “Forget the balance sheet. According to Taro Fukuyama, the key to a successful company is a happy workforce. And what makes people happy is a culture that recognizes them for being part of a team.”

Our mission continues to be to help companies create places where employees love to work. How do you make employees happy? Recognize them for being important members of the team. Make employees feel valued both inside and outside the office. Help simplify their lives through employee perks and rewards.

Manager of Teammate Engagement at Virgin America told Matt: “People love the immediacy [of Fond]. In the past, to get movie tickets we had to wait for stubs my mail; now we can redeem a perk, get the voucher and book the ticket all at once, on the phone.” Matt also spoke with anti-malware software company Malwarebytes, whose employees have redeemed nearly $50,000 worth of perks through Fond since April 2013.

What’s the Future of Fond?

Our team is very excited for the future to come. We have many new and exciting projects in the pipeline, including launching our Rewards program that is currently in beta. Our team is continuing to grow and hire great talent. We are also exploring different ways to help companies boost employee happiness: through their teams, through feedback, social good, small and large rewards, offering meaning — and of course, offering even cooler perks and more intuitive ways to access them. Stay tuned!


AnyPerk was also honored enough to be named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in 2015.

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