As our CEO, Taro, might say: “BIG DAY!”

Fond is excited to announce that we have just joined a really exclusive club — with members like Apple, Tesla, Google, Warby-Parker, and Netflix. We have been named one of the Most Innovative Companies for 2015 by Fast Company! This annual list showcases companies that are truly changing the landscape of business — and the world — in new and amazing ways.

It’s a little immodest but (if you can’t be excited on your own blog …) while Fast Company does also break out its list into “sectors,” Fond was chosen one of the top 50 most innovative companies in the world, overall — number 37, to be exact.

Why, you ask? Corporate perks have been around for centuries: pretty much wherever there was a royal court, there were perks.

And that’s the point. Most companies would gladly treat their employees like royalty, but even finding cool ways to show appreciation and thanks for being a valued part of a bigger whole — i.e. corporate perks — takes time and money.  Not everyone can be Facebook.

Fast Company recognized Fond for, “bringing Facebook-style benefits to the masses.”

Suddenly it’s easy and affordable for employees to choose from customized, local and national perks and insider discounts, whether the organization is a gigantic enterprise or tiny boutique, a national nonprofit, or a workforce of contractors.

Fast Company captured our value proposition in a nutshell, saying:

“Some companies have free on-site haircuts and nap pods. For everyone else, there’s Fond.”

Making this list is a milestone for our company, but we’ve only just begun. We know our customers want to make their employees’ working lives just that much better and easier, so we have a lot more innovation up our sleeves. We’re thinking about and working on employee happiness on a number of fronts: teams, feedback, social good, small and large rewards, meaning — and of course, even cooler perks and more intuitive ways to access them. Thanks to our recent $8.5 million Series A financing round, we’re hard at work to make that happen. And thanks to all of you, in advance, because we couldn’t do it without you!

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies will be featured in the March issue on news stands February 17. It is available online and in the iTunes store now.