Myth: making your employees feel like rockstars at their jobs must be elaborate and cost a lot of money.

Truth: sometimes the toughest part of rewarding employees is just coming off as genuine. Not spending money on extravagant gifts and prizes can actually make for a more personal form of recognition – one that requires face-to-face interactions and communication. After all, isn’t that the goal? Making your best employees feel appreciated and happy?

As Virgin founder Richard Branson put it, “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.”

So, let’s keep it simple. Here are 4 ways to reward your employees that are easy, low-cost and meaningful:

Team gong: Ring this whenever an employee reaches a significant milestone or achieves something great for your company. Make it a team win by letting everyone in on the victory.

A day off: Reward employees with time to spend with loved ones and relax. Encouraging a break also means higher productivity when the employee gets back.

Lunch with a senior employee (of their choice): What better way to offer professional development? Let employees build personal relationships with high-level executives and pitch their ideas. Even more, it increases transparency within the company and helps build an intimate company culture.

Hand-written notes: The smallest and most personal gestures can truly be the most effective. Penning a personal note to an employee specifying what they did to deserve the praise is a huge morale booster and shows the employee that the company – and their immediate colleagues – appreciate them. Always make the message personal, specific and unexpected.

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