Fond's Engagement Survey Tool

Keeping track of employee engagement metrics helps HR departments review work morale and identify areas for improvement. Fond’s Engagement Survey is an anonymous nine-question survey available within the Fond platform. Administrators can quickly receive honest and unbiased employee feedback to discover how their workforce feels about several key drivers of engagement. A few of these engagement drivers include purpose, recognition, on-the-job training, relationships with managers, retention, and more.

Fond’s Engagement Survey measures employee engagement in three easy steps:

  1. Select start date and duration
  2. Choose your audience
  3. Schedule your survey!

Measure Results

Program administrators immediately receive their eNPS, scores for eight key engagement drivers, and qualitative feedback. With these employee engagement metrics, you can evaluate areas for improvement and see what’s succeeding in engaging employees.

Track Employee Engagement Metrics

Historical results display your scores over a customized time frame. See your employee engagement metrics when you want them, whether it’s every time you deploy a survey or once a year.

Get Unique Insights

Our survey tool provides unique insights you won’t find on other employee engagement platforms. These insights are all available within Fond so you can get the data you need when you need it.

Take advantage of Fond’s Employee Engagement Survey tool and get real insights on how to inspire, motivate, and encourage your workforce.

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