Corporate Admin Dashboard

Managing a single program for a large organization can become a complex task. With several teams and office locations, administrators often struggle to track data, manage their recognition budget, and view performance in a consolidated location. Fond’s corporate admin dashboard is designed for companies to set up subdomains for different teams, departments, and offices. With simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, your corporate admin gains full visibility into performance and has complete control over program management and user administration.

View Performance

Gain valuable insights into program adoption and usage analytics for an aggregate or filtered set of employees.

Manage Rewards

Centralize purchasing and distributing Rewards points for different teams, departments, and offices.

Consolidated User Administration

Conduct employee onboarding and offboarding for your various subdomains, all from a single location.

With Fond’s corporate admin dashboard, you can have peace of mind that your performance analytics, money, and user admin data is all in one place. Get real-time updates on your rewards so you can empower, motivate, and encourage your workforce.