cheerful warehouse worker

Scott is a truck driver who hits the road at 3am every morning and drives for roughly 11 hours. He spends the majority of his day alone and typically calls his family during his lunch break or at the end of the evening.

Heidi is a nurse who works in the cardiac critical care unit. She works three 13-hour shifts per week and is on her feet all day checking on patients, facilitating bedside procedures, and managing cardiac emergencies. 

Danny is a fulfillment warehouse worker who lifts and moves inventory and assists with packing needs. For heavy loads, he uses a forklift to transport cargo from one place to another. He makes sure to stretch before every shift to get his blood flowing and muscles warmed up.

Nancy is a retail sales associate who starts her shift one hour before the store opens for customers to make sure that the inventory is stocked and the store is organized. Once customers start coming in, she greets them and assists with any questions while they shop.  

These individuals’ jobs might be very different from each other, but they all have one thing in common—they are “deskless workers,” or employees who do not work in front of a computer and have limited access to email (if they have a company email address at all).

State of the deskless workforce

Deskless employees comprise 80% of the global population, but companies have traditionally overlooked their employee experience in favor of those of desk-based knowledge workers. 

According to Quinyx’s The State of the Deskless Workforce 2022: US Results report, 1 in 3 deskless and shift workers say they do not feel appreciated at work. This has devastating results on productivity, employee retention, and overall work happiness. It’s no surprise then that companies have a hard time reducing turnover rates among deskless workers, with 36% of desk workers wanting to quit their current jobs.

That is why we’re especially excited to launch Offline Recognition, our new feature that helps companies recognize and reward their offline population.

What is Offline Recognition?

Offline Recognition is a new feature that enables managers or peers to give and receive recognition without having to log into the Fond platform. Instead, they can recognize an employee any time and any place by giving them a physical card with a unique recognition code.

Thank you card

This recognition code contains a certain amount of rewards points that the recipient can claim by either scanning a QR code or visiting the provided link once they have access to a desktop or mobile device. 

What are the benefits of Offline Recognition?

With Fond’s Offline Recognition feature, companies can create a better employee experience for their deskless workers and effectively engage with them within the limits of their environment and technology use.

For deskless workers who do not have a company email address or cannot be on a device during their shift, getting a recognition code in a physical card is much more practical than receiving rewards points through the Fond platform.

They don’t need to be in front of a computer in order to be notified that they’ve been given recognition. Instead, they can be recognized at work, in their unique environment, with no devices required. 

How to use Offline Recognition

To get started with Offline Recognition, Fond admins can create recognition codes on our platform and distribute them to the company in any way they’d like. For step-by-step instructions on how to create recognition codes for Offline Recognition, view this Help article.

If they’d like help in creating physical cards for the recognition codes, admins can just send a request to their Customer Success Manager. 

However a company chooses to distribute these codes, their deskless workers are sure to be seen and appreciated in a meaningful way. 

If you are not an existing customer and would like to recognize your offline workforce with Offline Recognition, please reach out to us. We would love to see how we can help you better retain and engage your employees.