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How to create recognition codes for Offline Recognition

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1. To create recognition codes for Offline Recognition, log in to your Fond account and navigate to “Admin” via the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Admin dropdown

2. Click on the “Manage Rewards” tab.

Manage Rewards tab

3. Then, click on “Offline Recognition” in the sidebar and the “Create New Code” button.

Offline Recognition Tab and Create a Code button

4. Enter the amount of rewards points for each recognition code in the “Rewards Points” field and the number of recognition codes you would like to create in the “Quantity” field.

Rewards Points field

Quantity field

5. Click the “Purchase” button.

Purchase button

6. You will now see a “Congratulations! You’ve successfully created recognition codes! It may take a few minutes to complete this process, please ensure you refresh before purchasing new code.” message.

Congratulations message

7. Once you refresh the page, you will see your purchase with the Created Date and Total Points displayed.

8. Click on the Download Code in CSV link.

9. Open the file once it’s downloaded to see all the unique recognition codes.

You can now distribute these codes in any way you’d like, from handwriting them on a thank you card to printing them out with your preferred printing company. 

If you’d like assistance in creating physical cards for the recognition codes, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and we’d be happy to help!