Employee Perks at Work, Motivate Your Employees

Your business is always evolving. You might have new products, features, or initiatives. But what are you doing to help your workforce evolve as well? Are you actively thinking about how to improve work performance, keep employees engaged, and reduce turnover?

Prosocial behavior, defined as voluntary behavior intended to help others, is proven to increase productivity. This is why more businesses are implementing new programs to motivate their workforces. You need a solution that’s equally flexible and adaptable as your business changes, as opposed to an out-of-the-box and inflexible software.

Here are three ways you can leverage Fond Rewards to create personal, timely, and relevant recognition and rewards to motivate your workforce.

1. Create Custom Recognition Occasions and Custom Rewards

Many HR leaders struggle to engage their employees with company initiatives. With Fond’s customizable rewards and recognition platform, you can create custom notes of appreciation (we call these custom recognition occasions) to send to employees for upholding company core values, going above and beyond, and so much more. Additionally, you can create custom rewards unique to your organization, like company-branded swag or lunch with an executive.

If you’re wondering how to improve work performance, one of the best motivators is to recognize employees frequently and reward specific behavior. You can use Fond to create specific, timely, and meaningful recognition occasions and rewards for your employees that align with your company’s values.

For example, if your company is focused on improving workplace safety, you can create a special recognition occasion that congratulates employees for their efforts at making your company a safer place to work. You can also create a coveted safety reward, like safety-themed company swag or lunch with the CEO.

As you transition to new company-wide initiatives, you can add additional custom recognition occasions and rewards that align with your evolving goals. If your company has offices around the globe, you can even create recognition occasions specific to your location or region.

Rewards tailored to your company will help employees grow and feel more committed to their jobs.

2. Recognize Publicly and Instantly with Fond’s Social Feed

Recognition isn’t always about a monetary benefit; it’s about publicity and timeliness. If an employee completes a big project or lands a new customer, receiving immediate recognition is more impactful than recognition at quarter- or year-end. Furthermore, if this recognition is specific and public, it helps individualize the employee and make them feel like they’ve made a difference at work.

Building a culture of recognition is crucial for companies looking to improve work performance. Fond’s social feed displays all public recognitions company-wide so your employees can ‘like’ and pile on the praise through comments. Whether you’re celebrating a team win, work anniversary, or praising a fellow colleague for exhibiting a company value, Fond’s social feed is your one-stop-shop for real-time visibility into every moment of employee recognition.  

3. Encourage Competition with Fond Sales SPIFFs

Looking for a creative way to incentivize your sales team and increase competition? Sales SPIFFs no longer need to involve the manual processes of buying gift cards, ordering plaques, or expensing company dinners. Fond even integrates with Salesforce so using rewards to incentivize and improve work performance is easy.

You can use Fond to reward outstanding work by creating custom sales SPIFFs for your team. Fond enables you to create custom rewards for specific sales initiatives and highlight exemplary performance. For example, you can use Fond Rewards to reward an outstanding salesperson for having the most meetings or sending the most proposals, all within the Fond platform.

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