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A new survey by forecasts an upward trend for employee compensation across small, mid-sized, and large business for the near future. The 2012 Compensation Best Practices Report polled thousands of Human Resources managers and business leaders about their workforce and compensation trends observed over the last year and how they felt those trends would affect pay going forward in 2012. The data they collected seems to indicate a bright future for employees and employee discount programs while pointing out some difficult issues for current employers.

Business Insider summarized the survey as follows:

Raises made a comeback in 2011:

  • 44 percent of employers increased salaries by 1 to 5 percent.
  • 19 percent of employers increased pay by 6 percent or more.
  • Overall, more than 60 percent of employers’ adjusted salary structure in the last 12 months. That’s a major increase from 2010, when just 30 percent did so.

Pay-for-performance is hot:

  • 69 percent of employers say performance-based pay was the main reason they adjusted salary structure in 2011. This was true regardless of business size.

Hiring is on the upswing:

  • At least, it is in mid-sized companies, 44 percent of which hired employees last year.
  • The biggest growth area: 57 percent of information, media and telecommunications companies hired in 2011.
  • Employee discount programs are now a main focus for HR leaders wanting to attract top talent.

Employee retention is still the number one workforce issue:

  • 54 percent of employers say employee retention is their biggest concern.
  • In contrast, just 16 percent say attracting new job candidates is their biggest concern.

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