The Fond team at our San Francisco office

It probably won’t surprise you to know that the Fond platform is an integral part of how we work and live here at Fond. After all, what kind of rewards and recognition company would we be if we didn’t use and love our own platform? 

Our employees use Fond constantly to send recognition, redeem rewards, and leverage hundreds of corporate discounts. But how exactly does Fond make an impact on our workforce and our lives?

Here are some ways Fond has made a difference to us:

Clayton Johnson, Software Engineer

My most treasured recognition was one that probably seems inconsequential from the outside looking in. I work remotely, and some main-office co-workers and I ended up needing to work late one evening to finish something before a major deadline. One of them sent a recognition to all of us afterwards that simply said,

“Here’s to the late-night gang.” 

This message has always felt more special than any affirmation-laden message from higher-ups. It carried weight because as a remote employee, you don’t get to say “Hey, thanks for staying late with me!” as you walk out the door. It was an acknowledgment of our shared hours after everyone else had gone home, working closely together to finish something important. A small thing, common to just us.

Sunny TsangSunny Tsang, Co-Founder and Chief Designer

I love horror movies. Every time a new one comes out, I immediately grab my ticket using my Fond points so I can be the first in the theatre. With Halloween coming up, I’m excited to see all the new films coming out and enjoy the catharsis that comes with a scary movie. And it’s at no cost to me, thanks to Fond!

Erin Nelson, Digital Marketing Manager

I relocated to San Francisco for my job at Fond. The move has been great, but one thing I struggled with is the added distance between me and my family. I wasn’t able to get home in time for my niece’s birth in May this year, but I used Fond to get a discount on flower deliveries. Even though I was sad I missed the birth, I sent my sister-in-law flowers that same day and still saved a little money on the side. Sending something thoughtful to my family from afar — all while using a platform I contribute to every day — was incredibly fulfilling.

I also save every recognition email sent through the Fond. They all mean so much to me. Even the smallest recognitions add up, and I glance over them sometimes when I’m having a particularly tough day to help motivate myself. I’ve worked jobs where I was passed over constantly for the work I contributed, but having Fond means you always have the appreciation of your managers and peers to always fall back on.

Elizabeth Proitsis, Customer Success Manager

I had two friends give birth in July, and I sent both of them Fond’s Happiest Baby swaddle using Fond. Both of them were so happy with the surprise, and with good reason. Happiest Baby is one of the top-name brands for parents, so I knew I was getting them something high-quality.

Rebecca Dudley, Senior Software Engineer

I’m generally a pretty shy and introverted person. I was once recognized by a colleague for offering some feedback on our processes, and it meant a lot to me because I was worried about stepping on that person’s toes.

It was reassuring to know he acknowledged that I was collaborating by providing feedback — something that doesn’t always come easy to me. That recognition always stuck with me.

Sarah Payne, Enterprise Account Executive

Fond’s discount with Papa Johns is 30%, which is significant savings for my family. I’ve used this Fond Perk so much that the delivery gal who comes on Friday nights knows us and tosses in extra sauce cups (my kids are always asking for them). She makes small talk with us, asks us how our week was, and delivers our pizza with a smile and a friendly conversation every time. I know all about her studies in college, her family, and what her favorite pizza is. And when we deviate from our normal order, she makes a comment. Honestly, I’m not sure I should be proud or ashamed, but Fond has certainly made an impact on me and my family!

Another example: I was traveling with my girls and we originally were set to stay in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Arrived at the hotel, but we were uncomfortable with the area because it seemed a little dangerous. I checked the Fond platform and ended up booking a last-minute hotel in Pensacola Beach right away! Check-in was totally seamless, and it was easy to use perk from our platform.

Matthew Dichirico, Enterprise Sales Development Representative

Fond makes it easy to break down the silos that typically emerge in any organization. I follow recognitions from other departments on Fond’s social feed to see what my coworkers are being recognized for and have a better view into what they’re working on. I love seeing what others are doing and how they’re being recognized, and my favorite thing is sending recognition to people outside my department.

Craig Bradley, Business Development Team Manager

My job is to manage a team of people to secure new Rewards and Perks for the Fond platform, so it’s not surprising that I use the platform constantly. The Fond team used a Perk for the Blue & Gold Ferry in San Francisco for our company outing to Tiburon, which created great memories and reminded us of the impact we make everyday.

Katerina Mery, Marketing Specialist

My first recognition was from my manager after I had just started at Fond. I completed my first project and was, of course, anxious to hear feedback on it. After I left the office, I got a notification that I was recognized! The recognition alleviated my anxiety — my manager congratulated me on doing a good job! I was so excited that I went around showing all the people I lived with who agreed with me that this would be the best work environment ever (and it has turned out to be great). In fact, my roommates asked if they could be added to Fond using our Invite Family feature, which allows users to invite up to five people to access Fond’s corporate discounts at no cost to them.

Julian Lina, Demand Generation Manager

I once saved $88 using Fond’s perk for Hotel Engine! The rate I received beat out all traditional travel fare aggregators (Expedia,, Priceline, Kayak, etc.) and the hotel’s actual website. Plus, it was 100% refundable until 24 hours prior to my reservation.

Swaminathan Nandakumar, QA Manager

I forgot to reserve an SUV while I was traveling to Boston to help move my daughter into her college dorm. I got quotes from different moving companies and they were all really expensive.

Then, my genius daughter told me to check Fond, and lo and behold, I got a 50% discount on a Ford F-150. Thanks to Fond, my daughter is all settled into her dorm and enjoying her first year in college!

Fond Makes an Impact

These are just a handful of ways Fond has made an impact on our team. Our mission is to build places where employees love to work, and the people that work here truly practice what we preach. We believe in giving back to our employees and recognizing hard work. If you’re interested in doing the same, get in touch!

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