Millennials work ethics may be lower because of the high value they place on leisure.

Your employees may enjoy their job, but it’s the perks that encourage employee happiness. Companies who wish to increase productivity and ensure their employees remain dedicated should consider offering competitive benefits. After reviewing our customers’ activity and feedback, we’ve discovered what our most popular employee perks are.

Here’s how you can tell your employees aren’t going to leave anytime soon.

Discounts on Cell Phones

Companies are increasingly adopting BYOD programs, and are opting to use secure enterprise apps. As the line blurs between work and personal cell phone use, employers can offer waived activation fees and discounts on monthly plans on major national carriers. Employees won’t have to sweat the small stuff by stressing out about overage charges. Instead of saving up their minutes, they will be at ease when telecommuting or handing out their number to potential business partners at events.

Entertainment Perks

When employees aren’t happy at the office, their work suffers, and this is increasingly true for employees feeling overworked. It is easy to get burnt out with the shift to longer hours and the mentality of “do more with less”. Companies can boost productivity by offering their employees access to entertainment perks such as deals on movie tickets. Sometimes a relaxing break at the movies can be the best way to solve a tough problem or spark your employee’s creativity.

Health & Wellness

While the treadmill and standing desk trend is gaining momentum, most companies still have a traditional office environment. After sitting at a desk for 7+ hours, employees are at the risk of developing health problems and mental strain. In order to promote wellness in the workplace, employers can offer waived gym enrollment fees as well as low gym membership rates. Receiving at the VIP treatment at your neighborhood’s local gym, will help employees relieve stress their stress as well as encourage them to take care of their body.

At the end of the day, employees prefer working for a company that respects and cares about employee happiness. You’re willing to go the extra mile for your customers, so why not treat your employees the same. They will appreciate it, and you’ll be sure to notice a difference!

How do you encourage employee happiness? If you’d like to offer your employees the best perks on the market, request a demo with Fond!