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Rewarding and recognizing your workforce is more important than ever, but where do you start? Fond’s free eBook, 33 Employee Appreciation Gifts for Any Occasion, provides unique ways you can show appreciation for your workforce. 

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Employee Appreciation Gifts

In this eBook, you’ll receive:

  • 33 creative ways to provide employee appreciation gifts to your workforce
  • High-impact ways to recognize employees without breaking the bank
  • Information on why giving great employee appreciation gifts is important



Custom Rewards

Fond enables you to customize your rewards so they’re personal, timely, and relevant to your workforce.

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Company-Branded Swag

Fond makes it easy for your company to offer company-branded swag, from custom shirts and mugs to backpacks and laptop sleeves.

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Service Awards

Show your appreciation for your employees’ tenure with custom service award catalogs, automated work anniversary tracking, and more.

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Office Gifting

Use Fond to send gifts to employees when they achieve great things in and outside the workplace, like wrapping up a huge project, getting married, or purchasing a home.

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Charitable Donations

Use Fond to give the gift of charitable donations. Fond offers donations to hundreds of charities so you can empower your workforce to give back to those in need.

Easy to Use

Spot Bonuses

Did your standout employees accomplish something great? Reward them immediately with in-the-moment recognition for their great work.

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Opportunities to Grow

Provide opportunities for growth by making it easy for employees to continue their education. Fond offers discounts for online courses, professional workshops, and more.

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Corporate Discounts

Provide discounts on flowers, gym memberships, massages, travel, and much more to show your employees appreciation for the hard work they do every day.

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“We are always looking for ways to provide employees with outstanding benefits that they’ll appreciate. My employees love Fond, and they use it all the time on things like gym memberships, movie tickets, food delivery and more. There’s an employee appreciation gift on Fond for everyone.”

Ryo Ishizuka, Co-Founder & US CEO, Mercari


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Employee Appreciation Gifts

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