Delta Dental of Washington began as an oral care program for children in 1954. The program quickly evolved to pioneer a new and innovative concept: dental benefits. Today, Delta Dental of Washington is the leading dental benefits provider in the U.S., relying on the strength of their employees to drive their mission of bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

“The people at Fond are so responsive and helpful, and they’re very agile in adding functionality based on new challenges or needs we have shared with them.”

Becky Masters
Director of Compensation, Benefits and HR Technology


Recognizing Employees

Delta Dental of Washington knew it was time to elevate their approach to employee recognition. Engagement is critical to everything that Delta Dental of Washington aspires to accomplish, and the company needed to do more to strengthen company culture by actively engaging with employees to make them feel appreciated.

Manual Rewards Processes

To give recognition and rewards, managers purchased gift cards and submitted expense reports for reimbursement. This proved to be cumbersome and time-consuming, and as a result, recognition was infrequent and inconsistent. Delta Dental of Washington wasn’t able to consistently show employees how highly they were valued, which presented an employee engagement challenge.


93% Increase in Employee Recognition

72% of managers say employees feel more appreciated

97% of managers say recognition is easier to give

Core Value Alignment

After implementing Fond, Delta Dental of Washington experienced a 93% increase in employee recognition. 72% of managers say employees feel more appreciated at work, and the entire company is more aligned around the company core values of demonstrating ownership, bold work, and teamwork.

Automation for Program Admins

Fond’s automated engagement solution reminds managers to send recognition, alleviating the burden of managing work anniversaries, birthdays, and other reasons to recognize. Fond’s social feed enables Delta Dental of Washington to view recognitions company-wide, eliminating the need to manually draft congratulatory emails or sign cards.

Frequent and Timely Recognition

Fond Recognition and Rewards has helped Delta Dental of Washington of Washington streamline the way it recognizes employees, empowering managers to give more frequent recognition and employees to feel more valued from that recognition. 97% of managers say recognition is easier to give, and Delta Dental of Washington’s HR team even uses Fond’s analytics to to encourage managers to give more frequent recognition.