CareRite Centers provides unprecedented levels of care and customer service for rehabilitation and nursing needs. With state-of-the-art technology, highly trained healthcare professionals, and a tranquil recovery environment, CareRite provides the best experiential suite of services to enhance recovery.

“Fond has been an amazing tool for our organization. Our team members are our most precious resource, and our partnership with Fond has empowered them to receive great perks. Fond contributes to our CareRite Difference.”

Mallory Feeney
Executive Asst. to the National Director of Patient Experience/Research Development, CareRite


Giving Back to Employees

CareRite believes in giving back to their employees, which is why they needed a seamless perks program that could offer the best corporate discounts. Whether an employee was a nurse, housekeeper, or in any other area of their expansive healthcare offerings, CareRite wanted to provide perks relevant to all departments, consolidated into one easy system.

Finding Perks for a Growing Business

As CareRite scaled and added new communities around the US, they expanded their locations beyond the tri-state area. With 27 communities in places ranging from New York and Florida to New Jersey and Tennessee, over 5,000 CareRite employees around the US needed discounts that were relevant to their interests and customized to their locations.


Best-in-Class Perks for All Employees

With Fond, CareRite offers hundreds of
pre-negotiated, best-rate-guaranteed discounts for all employees’ needs, not just those at certain locations. Employees in Florida can enjoy discounts at Disney World, while employees in Tennessee can take advantage of exclusive deals on memberships at their local gym. Fond’s intuitive platform also updates regularly to ensure CareRite employees in all locations are always aware of new and interesting perks.

Above and Beyond Customer Service

Fond partnered with CareRite to launch during National Nursing Home Week — a week-long celebration recognizing skilled nursing care centers in America — to increase awareness and signups on the Fond platform. After a successful launch, Fond’s attentive and proactive Customer Success team continues to find new and creative ways to encourage engagement with CareRite employees as well, including a raffle prize for CareRite employees that register for the platform within a certain time period.

In-Depth Analytics to Measure Engagement

With Fond’s detailed analytics and consolidated dashboard, CareRite leadership can measure employee engagement across a variety of touch points, including program usage and success, redemption frequency, most-used perks, and more. CareRite uses Fond’s analytics capabilities to gain insights on program performance and easily manage Fond perks so they can continuously improve their offerings and find new ways to engage employees.