Titan SenQuest is a senior housing company with 15 senior independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities. Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, Titan SenQuest employs more than 550 employees across 6 states. The company’s mission is to provide the best service, care, and match for their residents and their families. Supporting that mission are Titan’s seven core values, which range from treating everyone with kindness and respect to enriching our residents’ lives.

“Employees, both on-site and at the corporate level, are recognizing each other on Fond— engaging each other with praise in a way I never expected.”

Candise Terry
Director of Human Resources


Prior to partnering with Fond, each Titan community had their own discretionary budgets for employee recognition initiatives. With these budgets, community directors were encouraged to purchase and award gift cards for their staff. However, this approach presented challenges in managing and tracking program activity and performance across communities.

“There really wasn’t any way to follow up, to know who’s sending recognition and who’s not, and whether the program was effective,” explained Candise Terry, Director of Human Resources.

This prompted senior leadership to survey all 550+ employees regarding their sentiment on employee appreciation, which uncovered inconsistencies in program management. “There were a large number of employees who mentioned not having ever received a note of appreciation,” says Candise.

In pursuit of a more impactful approach to employee recognition, Titan’s priorities were three-fold: improve sentiment around employee appreciation, create programmatic consistency across communities, and optimize reporting and analytics. “Overall, we were looking to add a program that would ensure our directors were regularly recognizing the hard work and dedication of our employees.”


~90% Program Adoption

~500 Monthly Recognitions Sent

~20% of Recognitions Sent by Peers

In partnership with Fond, Titan streamlined its approach to employee recognition and launched Fond Rewards during the summer of 2018. The new and improved solution has standardized the following programs across communities:

Manager recognition

Every month, community directors are presented with a monthly budget of points which they are encouraged to award to employees who exhibit behaviors aligned with company values, or simply thanking them for a job well done.

Peer recognition

Non-managerial employees, mostly comprised of on-site staff, can send personalized notes of recognition to one another. These personalized notes are detached from points and are non-monetary.

“Employees, both on-site and at the corporate level, are recognizing each other on Fond— engaging each other with praise in a way I never expected.”

Candise Terry
Director of Human Resources


On birthdays and work anniversaries, points are automatically distributed to recipients with a congratulatory note from the company.

Staffing incentives

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and effective staff shortages, community directors have been encouraged to award points to employees who provide shift coverages and work overtime.

In addition, Fond has enabled:

Unified reporting and analytics

Corporate-level employees can now easily manage and track key program metrics for each community, as a whole, or by other desired segments.

Mobile recognition

The majority of Titan’s staff is offline (e.g., caregivers, housekeepers, and dining servers). These employees can now send recognition through Fond's mobile apps, which has enabled Titan to launch a formal peer-to-peer program.

Enhanced internal communications

Accessing Fond Rewards is now a standard component of the onboarding process for new hires, and each community regularly encourages usage through promotional materials provided by Fond.

“Our customer success manager sends me themed flyers on a monthly basis, and I’m able to send them to the community directors and office managers at each community.”

Misti Hill
Executive Assistant

Since launching Fond Rewards, Titan employees have sent and received over 17,000 notes of recognition. This type of program engagement is representative of the improved sentiment around employee appreciation.

“We are consistently impressed at the strength of our employee engagement through Fond—especially when you consider that the vast majority of employees do not have access to work computers.”

Candise Terry
Director of Human Resources