PMK•BNC is the global leader in entertainment and popular culture, specializing in enhancing clients’ relationships with consumers, fans, and communities. PMK•BNC uses strategic development and non-traditional marketing solutions grounded in public relations to engage in event marketing, influencer marketing and outreach, product integration, sponsorship, content creation and brand consultation.

PMK BNC Testimonial

“Fond has been a complete game-changer for our company culture, and the excitement Fond brought into our workplace has been great. It’s opened up a line of communication between departments, managers, and employees we’ve never seen before,
and we’re thrilled with the platform.”

Mark Gamarra
HR Manager, PMK•BNC


Engaging New Employees

PMK•BNC added over 100 new positions to their New York, Los Angeles, and London offices before launching the Fond platform. The company had quality in-house perks offered by their parent company, Interpublic Group (IPG), but the manual processes of securing new perks were time-consuming and cumbersome.

Overspending on Employee Recognition

PMK•BNC reviewed their spending the previous year on employee rewards like work anniversaries, birthdays, and giveaways at various events throughout the year. They quickly realized they would actually save money by consolidating their processes onto a unified platform. PMK•BNC also needed a platform that could better track funds spent on rewards and provide analytics to make more informed decisions about how to recognize and reward employees.


Consolidation, Analytics, and Engagement

With Fond, PMK•BNC was able to offer employees — old and new — the best corporate discounts and rewards available, all on a single platform. Fond enables PMK•BNC’s HR team to track their budget, analyze which discounts and rewards are most successful, and seamlessly integrate their existing in-house perks.

Intuitive and Unified Platform

PMK•BNC employees love Fond’s intuitive platform. Fond’s breakdown of categories for rewards and
perks help PMK•BNC employees navigate to what they want quickly. With Fond, PMK•BNC employees
have access to rewards and perks relevant to their interests and specific to their locations around the
world. Their HR team even sends out reminders before holiday weekends about relevant perks near different offices.

Improved Cross-Departmental Communication

PMK•BNC employees recognize each other for their hard work with customized notes of appreciation and Rewards points, building trust and communication between teams. Managers and peers also recognize each other for exhibiting behaviors aligned with their core values (creativity, integrity, collaboration, and community), strengthening relationships company-wide.

High Engagement with Fond

Since implementing Fond, PMK•BNC employees have taken advantage of the platform, sending
hundreds of recognitions and saving an average of $1,400 a month. 82% of management has sent
recognitions over the last six months, ensuring their workforce feels acknowledged and rewarded for hard work.