We all have things around that we don’t use. What better way to clear out your clutter than to sell it? Mercari is a global online marketplace that aims to bring the buyer and seller together, making it easy to buy or sell almost anything. From fashion and toys to sporting goods and electronics, Mercari has all the brands you know and love. With over 45 million downloads in the U.S. and 150,000 new listings every day, Mercari has emerged as a leader in the online sales industry.

“With Fond, we can send instantaneous recognition, which makes employees feel valued in real-time. Fond really makes us feel like we’re ‘All for One’ no matter where we’re located.”

Sasha Rhodes
Human Resource Manager, Mercari


Distributed Teams

Founded in 2013, Mercari began as a buying and selling app in Japan. The Mercari marketplace app has become Japan's largest community-powered marketplace with over 10 billion yen in transactions carried out on the platform each month. When they expanded their services to the United States in 2014, a challenge emerged: they now had an intergeo team, and team members struggled to find a way to recognize each other for their hard work when they were distributed around the world.

Recognition Visibility

With distributed teams working in different time zones and languages, making others feel recognized emerged as a challenge for Mercari’s company culture. They had no formal recognition program in place, and when they sent out employee satisfaction surveys, employees frequently communicated that they did not feel recognized. Without a program, recognition was infrequent and difficult to see across the company.

Company Core Values

Some of Mercari’s success can be attributed to the way they have shaped their company culture around their core values. Mercari has three company core values: All for One, Go Bold, and Be a Pro. These values are essential to thriving at Mercari, but employees struggled to remember and embody them. This wasn’t ideal for Mercari’s company culture, and they needed a way to reinforce their company core values every day.


Recognition for Anyone, Anywhere

Mercari researched platforms that could make recognition easy and visible from any location. After evaluating many options, they chose Fond because of its easy-to-use interface, customization options, and ability to reach anyone in any office. Mercari saw the impact of Fond quickly: managers and employees are now able to instantly recognize each other for hard work, providing the timely and universal recognition they needed to enhance their company culture.

An Impact You Can See and Feel

Mercari employees now have access to a recognition feed where they can view, like, and comment on recognitions sent company-wide. Mercari’s offices across the globe are no longer siloed, and anyone can send an instant recognition for a job well done. Finally, Mercari has a recognition program that aligns with their parent company’s program in Japan so all teams around the world can experience a consistent culture of recognition.

All for One

With Fond, Mercari can create customized recognition occasions that align with their core values so employees can recognize each other for living by them. Mercari team members simply log in to Fond, open the recognition form, and send a custom recognition to a colleague that celebrates one of their core values. Managers love sending recognitions for core values because it makes employees feel like they truly are “All for One” and brings everyone together as a team.