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“Our employees really value Fond for the variety of unique and relevant perks the platform provides. Fond helps make Salesforce a special place to work by giving a little extra back to our employees.”

Arielle Calara
Benefits Program Specialist, Salesforce


Perk Outreach and Management

Salesforce wanted a streamlined way to access and manage their corporate discounts. Their hardworking Employee Success team had secured hundreds of discounts for Salesforce employees, but the process of finding and managing them was manual and difficult. Salesforce was looking for a platform that could provide employees easy access to the quality perks Salesforce had to offer. “Fond does the heavy lifting for us, reaching out to vendors on our behalf and managing our perks.” says Arielle Calara, Benefits Program Specialist at Salesforce.

Relevant Discounts for Everyone

Salesforce wanted a wide variety of perks for employees of all types. With thousands of employees, they needed a platform that would accommodate different needs. Salesforce received many requests from employees in several offices about corporate discounts, but reaching out to these vendors was time-consuming for the Employee Success team. “The process of contacting new vendors was manual, and with Fond, we no longer have to worry about dedicating time to these efforts,” says Calara.


Seamless Perk Management

With Fond’s concierge service and a unified catalog combining Salesforce and Fond perks, Salesforce no longer has to reach out to vendors to secure new discounts. Fond’s expert team receives a request for a new perk, reaches out on Salesforce’s behalf, and secures the discount. In fact, Fond has added over 200 exclusive perks to the platform, only available to Salesforce. Adding a new perk to the platform is easy, and now Salesforce’s team can dedicate their valuable time to more important tasks instead of managing their catalog.

Perks for the Whole Family (Even Pets!)

With Fond’s offering of high-quality corporate discounts, Salesforce employees enjoy unique perks like discounts on monthly food delivery subscriptions and online meditation classes. Fond even offers discounts on pet insurance — a perk in high-demand at Salesforce, especially among millennial employees. “Our employees absolutely love getting discounts on pet insurance. We know that's an up-and-coming benefit that employees are beginning to expect, so being able to provide something that employees frequently ask for helps us stay ahead of the curve,” says Calara.

Timely and Relevant Discounts

Fond has added over 50 new perks since the onset of COVID-19, all to adapt to the changes workforces around the world have quickly implemented. This prompt response has helped Salesforce employees access the things they need, like online fitness courses, discounts on fun activities for kids to do at home, and ergonomic work from home equipment. “Salesforce employees are taking advantage of our mindfulness and virtual fitness perks that we can now offer,” says Calara. “Fond has been so accommodating to what's happening during the pandemic, and our employees really appreciate that.”

Test Driving New Benefits

Salesforce loves Fond’s perks offerings because they can measure the success of popular perks to gauge whether to add new offerings to their benefits package in the future. If a particular perk has a high redemption rate, Salesforce admins will consider adding that perk as a core part of their benefits. “I get to gauge the general interest of what our employees want based on popular perks and use that to inform future decisions about future benefits Salesforce should offer,” says Calara.