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“Fond's customer service has really raised the bar and met every single expectation. Everyone at Fond has been amazing. They truly collaborate with us to develop new solutions and tailor the platform to our needs.”

Lareese Pike
Manager of Administrative Services, Exeter


An Inflexible Solution

Exeter found challenges with a limited rewards and recognition solution that could not provide all they needed. They wanted to offer a wide variety of gift cards, company swag, and unique rewards to celebrate their workforce’s accomplishments. However, they had outgrown their platform and they were not able to offer employee discounts or perks in one housed location.
“As a company, we had outgrown our previous platform because everything about it was manual. It didn’t integrate with our system until the very end of the three years we were with them. Recognitions couldn’t be given without a value tied to it, so unfortunately, some recognitions went unnoticed,” says Lareese Pike, Manager of Administrative Services at Exeter.

Manual Processes

Exeter eventually maintained their rewards and recognition platform with an in-house team. Their platform was difficult to maintain and lacked many of the features Exeter wanted to streamline their programs and processes. For example, for Exeter to add a new item to their catalog, the process of adding products and sizes was extremely manual and at times made it difficult when navigating the site.

Limitations on Giving

Exeter’s previous platform did not allow the option for non-monetary recognition. Once employees had used all of their recognition bucket, they could not send additional recognitions. “One would have to be very strategic about how their points were disseminated,” says Pike. “ That isn’t how we want our recognition program to be shaped.” Exeter wanted a solution that could provide the option for employees to recognize with or without a monetary value so employees could feel recognized and rewarded at any time.


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A Flexible, Agile Platform

Fond’s large catalog of gift card vendors provides Exeter employees with the versatility they need. If an Exeter employee has a request for a specific gift card or item they want to see on the platform, employees can easily submit that request with Fond’s Concierge program. Fond’s team of experts reach out to the vendor to secure the discount with a 76% success rate in obtaining new rewards and perks.

Tailored Rewards and Perks for Every Location

Fond is a highly configurable solution, backed by a world-class team of experts available to secure new rewards and perks at the customer’s request. Exeter wanted unique discounts specific to their various locations around the country, and Fond’s team established relationships with local vendors in those areas to secure unique rewards and perks. “Fond can tailor our rewards to any geographic location, which is something no other vendor has done for us. We have remote employees throughout, and Fond can make sure even those locations have access to rewards and perks,” says Pike.

A True Partnership

Exeter no longer has to worry about being turned away when they ask for a product enhancement or more variety in their catalog. Fond has formed a true partnership with Exeter to configure the platform to their needs, building several new features to make Exeter’s rewards and recognition workflow easier. For example, Exeter can now easily pull reports, employees have ready access to help materials if they have questions about the platform, and rewards and perks are consolidated into one place. “The enhancements Fond has developed for us have been exactly what we've needed,” says Pike. “Fond has made our lives so much easier. These adjustments mean so much to our team and our employees.”

Recognition Anytime, Anywhere

With Fond’s non-monetary recognition feature, Exeter employees no longer have to strategize when and how much to give. “In light of recent events, our employees have been able to adapt and acclimate with the times, along with the Fond platform. Our employees see the value of recognition at a time like this, and we’re constantly working with the Fond team to make sure our program is set up for success in these unprecedented times,” says Pike.

A Streamlined Program

Fond’s account automation makes Exeter’s rewards and recognition program less time consuming by automating processes like notifying employees when rewards are ready, reminding employees to send recognition, and updating employees on the status of their orders. Exeter saves hours of valuable time by offloading these processes so they can focus on new initiatives. Fond automatically alerts users to when their orders have shipped, when employees have received a recognition, work anniversaries, birthdays, and much more. With Fond, Exeter can focus on additional goals and tasks at hand rather than day-to-day platform management.