IAA is one of the leading North American salvage auto auctions with the largest facility footprint, strong buyer base and high auction returns. Their focus on the automotive total-loss industry and over 150 corporate owned facilities across the United States and Canada provide Sellers and Buyers with the best solution to process and acquire total-loss, recovered-theft, fleet lease, dealer trade-in and collision damaged rental vehicles.

“We have experienced a surge in productivity and employee engagement since launching with Fond.”

Jessica Delway
Title Procurement Operations Manager, IAA


Rewards for a Competitive Environment

In a competitive environment, motivation and creating amazing incentives for sales teams is key to getting results. In the past, IAA’s Title Procurement department had struggled with securing appropriate incentive rewards to motivate their sales team, track progress, and encourage employees to close files. As they planned to launch their first formal incentive program, they needed a rewards and recognition platform that could inspire their team.

Variety and Choice

With employees working long hours, it was hard to stay motivated and focused on the job. IAA wanted a solution that could provide the motivational tools and the variety of rewards they needed to accommodate a diverse workforce.


Scorecard Incentive Program

With Fond, IAA set up their “Scorecard Incentive Program,” a customized rewards program that encourages the Title Procurement team to hit their numbers and close files. Employees that achieve these milestones receive a spot bonus from Fond each month that they can redeem for great rewards on the platform. Scorecard has proven to be a huge motivator for the team, and employees look forward to spending their Fond points each month.

A Variety of Rewards

Fond offers thousands of items, experiences, and rewards spanning categories such as travel, health and wellness, entertainment, shopping, and food delivery. Employees of all types at IAA can enjoy the rewards that Fond offers, and team members have the power to choose exactly what they want. IAA’s workforce felt an emotional impact from the platform too — the ability to recognize others and receive recognition for hard work has boosted morale at the company.

Ease-of-Use for Everyone

Fond’s ease-of-use makes finding the right reward easy for IAA’s employees. The Title Procurement team can quickly redeem corporate perks and rewards whenever they want, and they can send customized recognitions to each other for closing sales. Navigating Fond is easy, and finding and redeeming rewards is fast on Fond.