Recognition Controls, Fond's newest feature

One question we receive at Fond is, “As an admin, how do I ensure my rewards and recognition program is functioning as intended? How can I prevent my employees from ‘gaming’ the system, sending too many points to a single user, or taking advantage of Fond Rewards?” Our answer: Recognition Controls.

Some HR leaders handle this question by implementing an approvals process that requires managers to review and approve recognitions individually. Reviewing, approving, and providing feedback on recognitions is a time-consuming and manual process for managers who have more important tasks to focus on. This results in delays in employees receiving recognition and impacts the timeliness and value of the recognition.

Fond believes that recognition should be specific, meaningful, and timely. As we develop our products, we identify solutions that address your business needs in the most efficient and elegant way.

We started brainstorming solutions to this challenge and asked ourselves the question, “How can we simultaneously give admins control over their recognition program without creating unnecessary overhead?”

We realized that we could build functionality to enable admins to set and enforce controls for recognitions on the Fond platform from the start. Now, admins no longer require a cumbersome approval process, saving hours of valuable time and effort.

Introducing: Recognition Controls

Fond’s Recognition Controls feature is an easy way to manage and control your rewards program without the hassle of manually reviewing and approving every recognition sent at your company. And it’s also applicable on both web and mobile.

Admins can now establish and enforce controls for giving recognition and provide real-time feedback to users, ensuring recognition is timely and not stuck in an approval queue.

With Recognition Controls, a Fond admin can set limits on:

  • How many points managers and employees are able to send per-recognition
  • How many points a user can send to the same recipient per month

As part of this feature, Fond also prevents employees from sending recognitions that contain profane or offensive terms.

Recognition Controls within the Fond platform

Note: Recognitions given by admins on Fond bypass these settings.

If an employee tries to send a recognition not aligned with these controls, they will be immediately notified about why their recognition cannot be sent. Employees can then choose to modify their recognition to comply with the program controls. As soon as the controls are met, the recognition will be sent to the recipient(s), coupling real-time feedback for employees with automated enforcement of your program goals.

Now you can set up controls to automatically control the number of points your employees recognize with to ensure your program is implemented as designed, without the hassle of reviewing and approving recognitions!

Interested in this feature? Learn how to set up Recognition Controls now.