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Fond has been selected as a Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Provider for 2018! This designation, created by HR Tech Outlook Magazine, recognizes those companies that are delivering innovative and effective employee engagement solutions to the market today.

“We are honored to be selected as a top 10 engagement solution provider,” said Taro Fukuyama, Fond CEO and co-founder. “I’m really grateful to our customers and employees for enabling Fond to be recognized in this special way. Over the past few years we’ve seen how employee engagement has progressed from being just a good idea to being viewed as a strategic imperative for many companies.  It’s been exciting to ride that wave and we’re seeing accelerated adoption across almost every market sector.”

Employee engagement continues to be a challenge for companies across the United States. According to HR Tech Outlook, only 13% of employees consider themselves fully engaged at work. Employers lose between $450 and $550 billion a year due to disengaged workers, according to a study by The Engagement Institute. Businesses are increasingly having trouble retaining their workforces and keeping employees motivated.

Investing in employee engagement is a proven way to lower turnover and improve a company’s bottom line. Temkin Group recently found that highly-engaged employees are 53% more likely to help colleagues voluntarily and 66% more likely to do good for the company, even when it’s not expected. This underlies Fond’s commitment to helping companies build places where employees love to work.

Fond offers an employee engagement platform designed to help companies attract, retain and motivate their workforce. Motivated employees are productive employees, and that’s why over 500 companies –  including notable brands such as Salesforce, Delta Dental, Sephora and Blue Apron – use Fond’s platform to give recognition and rewards; gain access to exclusive corporate discounts; and measure changes in engagement levels. A growing roster of companies are realizing that a small investment in employee engagement can yield big dividends across the entire organization.

HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Profiders – 2018 issue (May 2018) is now available online at: https://www.hrtechoutlook.com/magazines/May2018/Employee_Engagement/

For more information on Fond, visit: https://www.fond.co/