As the Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum across the world, companies are evaluating their workplace cultures to see what they can do to combat racism. Amidst this self-reflection is the growing knowledge that companies must take action to ensure all employees are being treated fairly and without bias. 

Luckily, there are also an increasing number of educators and activists working closely with businesses to promote anti-racism education and help them implement equitable and inclusive working practices. For companies seeking help from educators and consultants, here are seven of the most highly-specialized and sought-after educators your company could benefit from working with.

1. Rachel Cargle

Rachel Cargle is a successful and inspiring public academic, as well as a writer and lecturer. She is perhaps best known for her inspirational lecture series, in which she explores issues of race and womanhood. In particular, she has succeeded in teaching others to engage intellectually and respectfully in discourses which cover a broad range of topics, including analyzing and examining the racist histories within a variety of American systems.

Photo by Sarah McKay, courtesy of the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau
Photo by Sarah McKay, courtesy of the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau

With a hugely successful social media following of over 315,000 followers, in 2018 Rachel was able to raise a quarter of a million dollars to support Black women and girls to be able to successfully gain access to mental health care services. This, in turn, led to the birth of the Loveland Foundation.

As well as delivering lectures, Rachel also delivers workshops where she provides tools and resources for attendees to use moving forward. She has been featured in a number of publications including The Washington Post, TEDx, The New Yorker, and Harpers Bazaar. Her success stems from her ability to guide conversations which allow all parties involved to discuss issues of race in a meaningful and engaging manner.

2. Theresa M. Robinson

Theresa M. Robinson is a highly experienced coach, workshop facilitator, speaker, and author of three books. She has worked for over 15 years with a range of companies and organizations in 23 countries, offering workshops and coaching leaders in an effort to create a working environment which is diverse, equitable, and inclusive for all. 

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To date, Theresa has delivered over 700 training sessions to companies worldwide and spoken at over 100 events. She is a firm believer in helping everyone at all levels of an organization to harness their talent and contribute towards making a difference. When it comes to working with companies and organizations, Theresa is particularly adept at helping organizations to look honestly at their diversity, attitudes and behaviors, and equity and inclusion policies. 

“Theresa works closely with individuals, helping them to learn how to embrace their discomfort and unconscious bias which they might have with regards to racism,” says Pamela Hazelton, a writer at Boomessays and Austrsalianhelp. “Theresa believes that only by acknowledging such discomfort can these issues be addressed, challenged and openly and truthfully spoken about. Her customized Conversations About Racial Experiences (CARE) course is particularly useful for businesses.”

3. Ijeoma Oluo

Based in Seattle, Ijeoma Oluo is an influential, highly respected writer and speaker. Her work, both in terms of her highly well-received and praised writing, as well as her public speeches, focus primarily on issues of race and identity. In addition, Ijeoma also explores the topics of feminism, social and mental health, social justice, and the arts within her work. Her personal essay writing offers insightful and thought-provoking perspectives on these important and timely issues. 

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She is perhaps best known for being the author of the New York Times bestselling book So You Want To Talk About Race?, which has been described as a timely and important book. Ijeoma has also written a range of articles that have been featured in many highly reputable outlets including The Washington Post, TIME, NBC News, Elle Magazine, The Stranger, and The Guardian. 

If you are looking to open discussions within your organization, Ijeoma’s writing offers a fantastic point of entry into the discourse surrounding race and identity. She also hosts classes on Patreon that your company can participate in. Ijeoma’s classes cost only $70 for unlimited access or $5 per month for limited access.

4. Denise Branch

If you’re looking for an anti-racism consultant to create a working environment that promotes anti-racist culture and racial equity, Denise Branch is the consultant for you. Working closely with organizations and companies of all sizes, Denise aims to help employers develop anti-racist employees through strategic coaching and training strategies that help their organizations grow racism-free cultures.

Photo provided by Denise Branch

“Employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees align with their statements about Black Lives Matter and becoming anti-racist organizations,” says Denise. “Organizations can only be as anti-racist as their employees. If employers do not consciously have an anti-racism plan, employees will unconsciously have a racism plan. And to honor those statements and commitments, hiring black consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers will matter too. Otherwise, these gestures will be seen as performative at best and racial capitalism at worst.”

Denise is a firm believer that racism is a mindset. Racism is learned and racism can be unlearned. Changing mindsets and unlearning racial bias and racism are absolutely possible. In particular, Denise’s training sessions and workshops aim to educate all organizations about the importance of racial equity and anti-racism, ways to build anti-racist organizations, and how to cultivate a culture which openly acknowledges and takes action to address racism in the workplace and the world-place.

Do not put off your organization becoming anti-racist and racism-free any longer. Contact Denise for an anti-racism strategy session today.

5. Blair Imani

A critically-acclaimed historian, public speaker, and activist, Blair Imani’s work focuses on advocating for women and girls, as well as Black communities and the LGBTQ community. From Los Angeles, California, Blair is the author of two historical books and the co-host of the podcast, America Did What?!

Photo by Ryan Pfluger for Squarespace, from
Photo by Ryan Pfluger for Squarespace, from

“If you are looking for a way into anti-racism discourses, then listen to Blair Imani and Kate Robards’ podcast, America Did What?!” says Frances Mattern, a journalist at Paperfellows and Stateofwriting. “This brilliant podcast not only has immense educational value, but it is also an important anti-racism initiative. Even better, Blair is also launching a 10-week anti-racism course which can be accessed by subscribing to Patreon.”

Through her books, highly-acclaimed and inspirational talks and speeches, as well as her podcast, Blair offers important insights and succeeds in initiating important discussions about the topics she champions. 

6. Aiko Bethea

For companies looking to hire a consultant to focus on executive coaching, look no further than Aiko Bethea. Aiko is the founder of RARE Coaching & Consulting, which focuses on supporting under-represented groups who seek to challenge homogeneity and tradition. Her consultancy services aim to help companies to develop strategies which promote diversity, inclusion, and equality in the workplace. Moreover, Aiko specializes in working closely with leaders to build teams which are truly inclusive.

Photo courtesy of PeopleTech Partners
Photo courtesy of PeopleTech Partners

A practicing attorney, Aiko not only has extensive coaching and consultancy experience, but has been an important and outspoken voice regarding issues of racism and discrimination. In particular, she is dedicated towards helping leaders to understand and overcome common behaviors that create barriers for underrepresented groups and employees. Through her coaching, executives are able to learn how to recognize blind spots regarding racism within their organization and learn how to overcome these while putting strategies and policies in place to encourage all employees to succeed.

7. Ibram X. Kendi

Ibram X. Kendi is a leading historian, professor and author in the field of anti-racism. Ibram is a #1 New York Times bestselling author for his books How To Be An Antiracist and Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You, which he wrote with Jason Reynolds. In addition, Ibram has also published The Black Campus Movement, for which he won the W.E.B. Du Bois Book Prize, and has published 14 academic essays in a number of prestigious academic journals and books. 

Photo by Stephen Voss, from
Photo by Stephen Voss, from

As well as his impressive body of literary work on anti-racism, Ibram is also a professor of history and international relations, a contributor at The Atlantic and CBS News and Founding Director of The Antiracist Research & Policy Centre at American University in Washington, DC. He is also the Professor of History and Founding Director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. 

In addition to his academic and written work, Ibram has become a highly sought-after public speaker, delivering hundreds of talks over the years to colleges and universities as well as at festivals, conferences, churches, bookstores, and libraries, both in the United States and overseas. A talented, inspirational and motivational speaker, Ibram strives to promote anti-racism practices and attitudes in the hope of creating a more equal and fair society for all.

Change Starts With You

When it comes to creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environments, there are a number of strategies organizations of all sizes can implement.  While there are plenty of high-quality reading material available, including award-winning and critically-acclaimed books and essays by some of the key anti-racism educators discussed above, seeking help and support directly from experts can be extremely helpful. 

Increasing awareness and understanding surrounding racism is critical if businesses are to succeed in creating opportunities which are truly inclusive for all employees at all levels. By seeking support from consultants and educators who are not only able to give inspirational talks but offer practical, actionable workshops and consultations, your business can become a place where all employees feel empowered to succeed.

Beatrix is a successful writer at Academic Writing Service and UkWritings, where she regularly writes articles and offers advice on topics of human resources and anti-racism. She is also a manager at Essayroo website and a passionate promoter of equality and inclusion within the workplace. When not writing, Beatrix enjoys reading.

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