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Fond’s mobile app makes it easy for Fond users to send and receive recognition on-the-go. With Fond, you can also redeem perks and rewards from anywhere, anytime. Whether your team is based in a single city, all over the world, or even works remote, Fond helps foster a culture of appreciation at work by making recognition more accessible.


List of Rewards

Reward Yourself

Redeem thousands of rewards, ranging from categories like fitness and travel to learning and development. Find and use hundreds of discounts on items you love from anywhere.

Socialize with Others

View, like, and add comments to recognitions on Fond’s social feed. View anniversaries, birthdays, company awards like Employee of the Month, and more on mobile.

mobile notification

Stay in the Loop

Never miss a moment with Fond’s mobile apps. Receive notifications on-the-go when you receive a recognition, when others like or comment on your recognition, and more.

Celebrate Company Wins

Congratulate your team for major accomplishments from anywhere, anytime. Employees of all types can send recognition, whether they’re in the office or on the move.

Traditional training methodologies no longer apply to millennials since they are accustomed to consuming knowledge on-the-go.


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mobile rewards

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