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What is Fond’s “Best Rate Guarantee?”

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If you’ve found a better deal on an item or experience you’ve purchased using a Fond Perk, Fond will not only match the price, but add an additional 5% discount. Note: Fond’s Best Rate Guarantee only applies to Fond Perks.

Fond has a link to our Best Rate Guarantee form at the bottom of each perk page, as seen here:

An image of the bottom of a perk page on the Fond website where a user can click to navigate to the Best Rate Guarantee form

Click here. You will be taken to the form shown below. Fill out this form to make your Best Rate Guarantee request.

The Best Rate Guarantee form on the Fond website

Once submitted, a member from Fond’s Customer Success team will review your request to verify that you have  made a purchase using a Fond Perk and provided screenshots of this purchase. We will also review the screenshot of the better deal.

If your Best Rate Guarantee request is approved, a member of our Customer Success team will send you the following email:

An email from a Fond Customer Success team member verifying that the user has successfully submitted a Best Rate Guarantee request. The user will receive a Visa prepaid gift card with the difference, plus an additional 5% of the amount.

You will receive a prepaid Visa gift card in a separate email that will contain the pricing difference, plus an additional 5% of that amount.

If your Best Rate Guarantee request is not approved, you will receive the following email:

A Best Rate Guarantee request submitted that has been rejected.

Thanks for using Fond! Please reach out to us with any questions at