How do I send recognition?

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Click the Recognition button at the top of the Fond homepage to get started.

In the To: field, type the email address of who you want to recognize. Your recognition recipient will appear below. Click to select their profile.

In the Notify: field, you can choose who you would like to notify about your recognition. If you have any email aliases representing your entire company or a group within your company (all@, engineering@, etc.), you have the option to CC those as well.

In the For: field, select your recognition occasion and type a message to who you are recognizing.

In the Points: field, type how many points you want to send to the recipient.

You can click Preview Email to preview the email that will be sent to your recipient and who you have notified.

Click Public at the bottom of the window to change the privacy settings of your recognition.

Click Send Recognition to send.