How do I send recognition in bulk?

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To send recognition in bulk, first login to Fond. Click the Recognition button at the top of the homepage.

You’ll navigate to the Recognition form. Click Give Recognition in Bulk below the form.

A form will appear on the right. You will use this form to upload a .CSV file with email addresses of those you want to recognize, along with how many points each person will receive.

To see an example of how the .CSV file should be formatted, click here near the top of the form. You will automatically download a template you can use to upload to Fond.

Once you have created your .CSV file, it should look similar to this.

To upload your .CSV, select the Choose File button on the form.

Select your .CSV file and click Open. Your .CSV will upload to Fond.


Select a reason for recognizing. Your enabled recognition occasions will appear here.

Once you’ve selected a recognition occasion, a message will auto-populate in the Message section. You can customize this message if desired. Click Share to distribute recognition in bulk.

You will navigate back to the Recognition form and a banner will appear at the top of the page confirming you have sent bulk recognition.

You can view your bulk recognitions in the social feed. Bulk recognitions are sent privately to prevent multiple, similar recognitions from displaying in quick succession in your social feed. Instead, these recognitions are visible on individuals’ feeds.