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How do I create a custom reward?

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To create a custom reward, first login to Fond. Navigate to Admin in the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen. 


Select the Manage Store tab at the top and click Add a New Reward.

A form will appear on the right. You’ll use this form to create your custom reward.

Start by creating a name for your custom reward.

Add the provider name. The provider name is the name of the company that supplies the reward. 

Add a description about the provider. 

Describe your reward. You can add details about colors, sizes, or anything else you think is relevant.

Select a category for your custom reward.

Choose an image for your custom reward. You can either upload your own image or select from Fond’s library of pre-created images.

Select the points value for your custom reward. This determines the amount of points a user will spend to redeem this reward.

Add any details or restrictions to your reward.

Specify where your reward can be redeemed. If your reward can be redeemed outside the US, select Available outside the US.

A dropdown will appear. Select the countries where your reward is available.

You can select as many countries as you want by clicking + Add more locations.

If your reward is only available in the US, you can specify which states it is available in by reviewing this section of the form.

Add the email address of the person responsible for fulfilling this custom reward.

Click Create Reward.

You will see a banner at the top of the page verifying that you have created a custom reward. The new reward will appear in your list of custom rewards below.