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How do I add a company-exclusive perk to Fond?

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If your company has negotiated a discount with a vendor that Fond doesn’t have on the platform, you can add your own perk to your company’s page. This perk will only be visible to employees of your company.

As an admin, all you have to do is sign in to your account, click Admin from the drop down menu, and select Manage Store.


Click Add a New Perk.

A side panel will appear that includes all of the information needed for you to create a company-exclusive perk on Fond.

Complete the required fields in the side panel to add your perk to Fond. Below is the required info you will need:

  • Perk Name (discount details)
  • Provider Name
  • Provider Description (about the brand or company)
  • Perk Description
  • How to Redeem
  • Category
  • Image
  • Details and Restrictions
  • Locations
  • Contact Email Address

Once all information is entered, click Create Perk.