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For Admins: 7 Best Practices for Boosting Employee Happiness Using Fond Rewards

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Recognition significantly boosts employee retention and employee morale. Here are a few best practices to help you increase employee happiness using Fond Rewards.

  1. Send recognition to a variety of employees, not just the most visible ones. When you make sure everyone who is doing great work is recognized, you help create a happy, healthy, and cooperative work environment.
  2. Make your recognition more authentic by personalizing it with your own message! Showing appreciation with a genuine note is a great way to develop and strengthen trusting workplace bonds.It’s easy to do: In the Recognition form, simply go to the message box and type in a custom note.
  3. Send a new employee recognition for their positive contribution to the team soon after they join. This helps set the tone for a happy and healthy relationship moving forward. Appreciating new employees also helps newbies assimilate into the workplace culture and learn company values.
  4. Send regular recognition to long-term employees to show them you value their work. Rewarding loyal employees for their work is an excellent way to reduce the incredibly high cost of employee churn and encourage employee loyalty.
  5. When you give someone recognition, let other teammates know in the Notify field on the Recognition form. You can also include your recognition in the weekly Recognition Roundup email. Your public praise helps encourage people to recognize each other and inspires people to do their best work!
  6. Balance individual with group recognition. While sending recognition to a group encourages team pride and positivity, giving to individuals can encourage self-motivation and individual excellence.
  7. Send your employees recognition straight from Gmail using our Chrome extension. Just hover over a name in an email thread and our giving form will pop up on the side of your screen for super easy giving! Using this method in addition to the website giving form is a great way to increase recognition and reinforce the value of great work.