Sephora is a global retailer of popular and emerging beauty brands with an extensive product offering, expert service, and innovative shopping technology. Sephora has more than 2,000 stores in 31 countries as well as an award-winning website and mobile app for round-the-clock shopping.

“Fond is a whole new level of quality compared to other vendors I had been looking at. Several programs out there are baseline, and then there’s Fond.”

Susan Lowe
Director of Benefits, Sephora


High Turnover

Sephora operates in a tough retail environment with high turnover rates. While Sephora’s turnover is lower than other retailers in the beauty space, it was still significant enough to impact the economics of their business. To attract and retain the best talent, the company wanted a perks program that would make employees feel more appreciated at work.

Cost of Living

Many Sephora stores are located in major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, which have high costs of living. Sephora needed a way to “stretch the dollar” for their employees to help offset these cost of living challenges.


74% of employees feel more appreciated at work

69% are more inclined to tell their friends how much they enjoy working at Sephora

45% of employees are more likely to remain in their jobs

Increase in Engagement, Retention, and Referrals

The Sephora benefits team surveyed 500 employees who used Fond. They discovered that as a result
of using Fond, 74% of employees feel more appreciated at work, increasing engagement. 69% of employees are more inclined to tell their friends how much they enjoy working at Sephora, driving more candidate referrals. Retention at Sephora has also increased, with 45% of employees saying they are more likely to remain at their jobs.

Quality Savings and Intuitive UI

Fond offers hundreds of quality perks spanning categories such as travel, health and wellness, entertainment, shopping, and food delivery. Within a few months, the employee savings alone paid for the cost of the Fond solution. Since most store employees are millennials and Sephora had its own award-winning app, the bar for technology was set very high. Fond’s quality user experience for both web and mobile delivers the intuitive platform Sephora employees want and expect.

Inspire Engagement

Sephora also found that employees who were more active in using Fond had higher appreciation,
word-of-mouth, and retention scores. By partnering with Fond, Sephora inspires employees to stay engaged with the company longer and share their enthusiasm with friends.


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