FreakOut is a global marketing technology company with programmatic solutions [DSP, SSP] delivering in-feed display and video formats across 3,000 publishers. FreakOut consists of more than 600 employees in 21 offices across 19 countries, spread throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America. FreakOut is part of FreakOut Holdings, Inc., which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange [TSE:6094] and oversees the media investment management sector for FreakOut.

“We haven’t found any other tool out there that does what Fond does. Fond streamlines rewards and recognition for us, and we love that it integrates with all our global tools.”

Maduro Véronique
Global People Success Director, FreakOut


Cost-Effective Recognition for Employees Around the World

FreakOut wanted a cost-effective way to motivate and inspire their team members around the world at work. While bonuses and salary increases serve as effective motivation tools, FreakOut wanted a program they could use day-to-day to inspire their workforce. Managers weren’t the only group interested in rewarding employees — FreakOut also wanted a program that enabled peer-to-peer recognition so employees around the world could appreciate each other for their hard work.

Global Expansion

After FreakOut expanded from their offices in Japan to offices all over southeast Asia, Australia, and India, recognizing others for a job well done became more difficult. Employees could no longer walk up to each other’s desks to congratulate them on finishing a big project. FreakOut needed a way to keep offices around the world in touch so that recognition could still be frequent and meaningful.


Global Recognition

With Fond, FreakOut’s offices around the world can send notes of appreciation for amazing work instantly, so recognition is a part of their daily work lives. The ability to give in real-time means employees in every office can ensure they’re recognizing each other without stressing about time differences or coordinating calls. Fond makes it easy for FreakOut’s employees to send recognition between teams and ensure everyone is appreciated for their hard work.

Fond’s Slackbot Integration

Fond’s Slackbot integration enables employees of FreakOut to seamlessly and quickly send recognition, all without ever leaving Slack. Employees simply use a trigger word like “Thanks!” or “Great job!” and Fond’s Slackbot integration auto-generates a recognition for the user. FreakOut employees can customize the message, determine the amount of points they want to send, and send the recognition on Slack without disrupting their workdays, no matter where their offices are located.

Core Value Reinforcement

Two of FreakOut’s core values are “Dance First,” and “Play Different,” and they reinforce them through the Fond platform. Whenever they see an employee demonstrating behavior aligned with either of these core values, they send a recognition to commend their work and encourage it in the future. This way, FreakOut’s entire workforce across the globe can keep their core values top-of-mind and stay connected to the company mission.


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