Hawaii National Bank is a keystone institution of Hawaii finance, providing a range of services to business customers and individual account holders. Established in 1960, Hawaii National Bank is a privately held community bank with branch offices in Hilo, Maui, and Oahu. It is headquartered in downtown Honolulu.

“Fond is one of the key drivers of all areas, including recruitment, retention and engagement.”

Derek Kanehira
Vice President & Director of HR, Hawaii National Bank


Low Employee Engagement Levels

Hawaii National Bank aims to hire and engage the best talent, which means employees must be fully engaged at work and committed to the company’s mission and values. Hawaii National Bank conducted an employee engagement survey and found there was room to improve in both areas of employee engagement and benefits.

Discrepant and Complex HR Systems

Hawaii National Bank needed a solution that could easily compliment their existing HR programs so they could seamlessly integrate it into their workforce. They wanted a system that was simple and easy to maintain so they could focus on their most important task: their commitment to employee and customer happiness.


Ad-Hoc and Performance-Based Recognition

Hawaii National Bank partnered with Fond to build an engagement initiative around recognizing outstanding performance, showing appreciation, and fostering positive corporate culture. Hawaii National Bank’s employee engagement scores increased within one year of launching Fond. When employees were asked to test run competing engagement products, the final consensus was unanimous: Fond is far superior.

Quality Corporate Discounts

The high-quality discounts and rewards Hawaii National Bank offers their employees through Fond demonstrates their commitment to caring for people and continues to strengthen employee loyalty and engagement. Fond’s high-quality employee discounts are a great way to provide employees with financial and emotional support inside and outside the office. Employee engagement on the Fond platform has remained a high 78% on average, and employees have saved over $60K collectively since launching Fond.

Amazing Customer Support

Hawaii National Bank considers their Fond Customer Success Manager a strategic partner: someone equally invested in their best interests. With the help of Fond’s Customer Success team, Hawaii National Bank can easily offer their employees better benefits that strengthen their allegiance to the company.


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