How does the corporate admin dashboard work?

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The Corporate Admin Dashboard, designed for customers who have set up subdomains for different teams and offices, is in many ways similar to your regular Admin Dashboard. As the Corporate Admin, the primary difference lies in your ability to view performance data, control your Rewards budget, and manage the roster for the entire organization.

Navigating to Your Corporate Admin Dashboard

Log into your admin account and navigate to the corporate admin dashboard by hovering over the top-right of the home page and select Corporate Admin.

Performance Tab

By default, you will view performance data across the entire company (i.e. representing the total of all subdomains). To view performance data for a specific subdomain, simply use the domain drop-down and select your desired subdomain.

Manage Rewards Tab

Within the Buy Reward Points sub-tab, you can purchase Rewards points for your corporate company reserve.

Within the Distribute Points sub-tab, you can do one of two things:

  1. To ensure that each subdomain’s company reserve has a specific minimum balance, fill out the top up the amount to section with the desired balance, then click Start Distribution.
  2. To add a specific amount of money to one or more of the subdomains’ company reserves, click on Individual Distribution on the top-right. Then, fill out the How much do you want to add? sections for each of the relevant subdomains. Finally, click Start Distribution.

Manage Employees Tab

To simultaneously add and delete employees to and from Fond, upload a CSV of your updated employee roster formatted to the image displayed. Once attached, select Update Employee Roster.

Note: Please work with your Customer Success Manager to ensure the file is formatted so your file includes the appropriate domain information.


If the Recognition Roundup feature is enabled for your subdomains, you have the ability to opt-in or opt-out to receive those emails. This option is specific for your account.