The holiday season is the perfect time to let your employees know how much you appreciate them, but we also want our customers to know just how valued and appreciated they are for their partnerships with Fond. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our management team had a few messages of gratitude for our customers:

Shahira Carstensen, Director of Customer Success, Fond“Our customers are what make our product great. Learning about how our customers leverage Fond to reinforce their core values helps us innovate our product, and it’s fulfilling to know that companies around the world use Fond to reward and recognize their employees.” — Shahira Carstensen, Director of Customer Success

Shirley Foster“I am so grateful to hear stories of how Fond is helping employees feel more valued and appreciated by their employers. Whether we are helping companies to create a culture of recognition at every level of the organization, making recognition a social activity, saving employees’ hard-earned money on travel, appliances, movie tickets, etc. or simply providing a place where employees can see what’s happening across their company, it’s a delight to be helping companies create places where people love to work.” — Shirley Foster, VP of Engineering

“I’m grateful to work with industry leaders around the world, and I’m most energized when I get to visit our customers face-to-face to discuss how Fond can help them. I’m thankful every day to be in the rewards and recognition space, which allows me to learn from insightful and intelligent people leaders every day about their greatest successes and challenges.” — Taro Fukuyama, CEO and Co-Founder

“Designing a quality product for our customers is such a fulfilling role here at Fond. The feedback we receive from our customers helps us continuously iterate to be the leading rewards and recognition platform in the industry. I always look forward to hearing from customers on how our product can continue to help them solve their biggest rewards and recognition challenges.” — Sunny Tsang, Chief Designer and Co-Founder

We are honored to provide our customers with an industry leading solution for rewards and recognition. Thank you for helping us build places where employees love to work, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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