Success Academy builds world-class public schools that prove children from all backgrounds can succeed in college and beyond. Core to their success is curiosity, ownership, integrity and “no shortcuts” – key values for students, teachers and staff alike. Their Success for Life program reflects these too, and most recently has focused on supporting employee health through a program driven by company core values and the right wellness challenge prizes.

Tiffany Duncan – the Associate Director of Benefits – used these same principles to organize and launch the organization’s first full-scale wellness program. Historically, it had been hard for staff members to find time for their own wellness. It had been equally hard for them to take time out to connect and engage with each other. Past wellness and engagement efforts were challenging to organize and sustain, as they were complicated to set up, manually intensive to execute, hard to track and virtually impossible to scale.

With the help of Fond Rewards, Tiffany was able launch the “Success for Life” Steps Challenge for the entire organization with rewards for people who walked 10,000 steps every day for 30 days. Fond Rewards helped eliminate the manual effort required to set up, administer and fulfill the wellness challenge prizes for program winners.

See how Tiffany was able to drive an almost 50% participation rate and provide every winner the immediate gratification of redeeming the rewards of their choice at the conclusion of their Steps for Life challenge.

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