motivation in the workplace

Can you spot your internal brand champions? They are the employees who show up happy to be at work every morning. They attend most company events and are often brimming with ideas for the company, whether for social events, marketing campaigns, specific industry speakers, or kitchen snacks.

It is the person you are always comfortable introducing job candidates to during interviews. They’re the person you prefer to represent the company outside the office, because they believe in the company’s vision and understand it like the back of their hand.

Still having trouble identifying your internal brand champions? Here are some tips:

Attributes of Your Best Internal Employer Brand Champions

How They Help with Motivation in the workplace

Employer brand champions help your company grow, not only literally— as brand champions also make for fabulous recruiters — but their feedback on new product features, new hires, new partnerships, and company culture is incredibly valuable.

Brand champions are paying attention to the company and keeping others motivated. In fact, they are probably your toughest audience because their expectations are highest. So leverage their feedback and suggestions and keep them informed on exciting company updates as they are likely to share the information with their wider networks.