Fond Highlighted as the #1 Rewards and Recognition Solution in New 2019 G2 Employee Recognition Repor

Implementing a new Rewards and Recognition program can be overwhelming. You want to foster a culture of frequent peer to peer recognition, appreciation and gratitude, but how do you get started? And more importantly, what recognition occasions should you be praising to boost employee happiness and take your employee engagement program to the next level?

Here are five easy peer to peer recognition ideas to kickstart your Rewards and Recognition program (illustrated with GIFs from The Office):

1) Celebrating a big win

When you see a colleague close a big deal, launch a new feature, or do something that moves the needle, jump on the opportunity to cheer them on! Whether you were directly involved in the effort or not, they’ll appreciate that you noticed their accomplishment and recognized them in a meaningful way. This kind of peer to peer recognition is a must for any thriving office culture.

Tip for Fond users: Today, we launched an update to the Fond Chrome Extension so you can now send points and notes of recognition directly from Customer-facing teams can give recognition in real-time from the reports and dashboards they are already using to track success.

2) Showcasing company values

Reinforce company values by giving shoutouts when you notice someone truly living them! Highlight that standout employee to give them the recognition they deserve while showing others what that value means to you.

Tip for Fond users: Every company has values unique to their organization. Admin users can create Custom Occasions with a picture, title, and message that can be personalized to fit their particular needs. Whether it’s “Taking Ownership!” or “Building Team Trust!”, you can recognize colleagues for the things that matter most to your business.

3) Giving peer to peer recognition for a thoughtful gesture

Show your gratitude right away when a colleague goes the extra mile or lends a helping hand. Whether they responded to your request in record time, spoke up for you in a Slack channel, offered to help on a challenging project, or did something that really stood out, take a few minutes to personally thank them. Peer to peer recognition strengthens your company’s community, which is the heart of company culture.

Tip for Fond users: With the Fond Chrome Extension, you can give recognition and points immediately from both Gmail and Slack. Acknowledge actions as they happen without opening a new window or disrupting your workflow.

4) Thanking someone while you’re away

Plenty of things happen while we’re away from our desks, but take note of those that cover for you while you’re out. Maybe you needed to leave early or were taking a much-needed vacation when something urgent came up? Take the time to thank whoever stepped up to the plate!

Tip for Fond users: Send notes of recognition and Rewards Points while you’re out and about with Fond’s mobile functionality. Download our apps for iOS and Android or load Fond onto your mobile browser to recognize your colleagues on-the-go.

5) Wishing someone a happy birthday!

Of all our peer to peer recognition ideas, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss. Do something special to recognize your employees and colleagues on their birthdays! Bring them a cake, decorate their desk, even get the office to sing – something tailored to their personality that will be especially memorable (and only mildly embarrassing).

Tip for Fond users: With Scheduled Rewards, Fond will automatically send users a ‘Happy Birthday’ note along with a custom amount of Rewards Points. Admins can set up automatic rewards for birthdays, work anniversaries, and more by uploading a CSV with the relevant employee information.

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