10 Company Culture Consultants You Should Hire Right Now

You’ve seen the news. You’re aware of the thousands of dissatisfied employees and unicorn companies crumbling under the weight of their mismanaged company cultures. You know a major shift is happening in the workforce and people are paying attention. But what do you do next?

If you’re looking to transform your company culture, here are 10 amazing consultants that can help you with your cause. These standout HR leaders have vast experience with evaluating company culture, identifying areas for improvement, and providing a real action plan on what to do next.

1. Melissa Daimler, Principal, Daimler Partners

“Creating systems that unlock both individual and organizational capacity has been the passion of my career.” — Melissa Daimler

Melissa Daimler
Melissa Daimler

Melissa Daimler believes that companies are only as effective as their people and the systems they create. She has a passion for building organizations by observing culture holistically, through the eyes of multiple people instead of a single perspective. Melissa’s consulting experience began with starting her own coaching company, which led to gaining experience in HR for small startups. Throughout her career, she has learned about what works, what doesn’t work, and what needs to evolve at a company during times of transition.

If your company is looking to expand, rethink your core values, or going through another other major transition, Melissa is a great asset to your team. She has participated in building company cultures based on values, mission, and unique needs and believes that all companies should align their business goals with their core values. 

Melissa wants to have new conversations about work and leadership. She is currently writing a book on learning and development, and she also authors articles to help HR teams support the success of their companies.

2. Glenn Lyday, Principal Consultant, Table Group Consulting

Glenn Lyday is one of only a few carefully selected and trained Principal Consultants working with The Table Group. The Table Group is a firm dedicated to building healthy organizations. They offer consulting and speaking solutions and tools for leaders to improve teamwork, clarity, and morale within their companies.

Glenn Lyday
Glenn Lyday

Glenn provides customized consulting and training sessions for executive teams around teamwork, leadership, and organizational health. With over 20 years of business experience, Glenn brings a fresh perspective on building healthy organizations and high performing teams. Since partnering with The Table Group in 2008, he has worked with leaders to positively impact their organizations in both their bottom-line results and their organizational culture. As a Principal Consultant, Glenn has been recognized for his high-impact sessions that generate relevant and immediate outcomes for leaders within organizations.

If your organization needs help developing a fresh company culture or identifying the health of your current culture, Glenn has the unique skill set you might need.

3. Charisse Fontes, Founder and Advisor, Culture Circle

“I’m a passionate people and culture leader that has successfully built all things people and HR from the ground up. I match metrics with humanity in the workplace and solve the biggest and toughest challenges that growing companies face.” — Charisse Fontes

Charisse Fontes
Charisse Fontes

Charisse Fontes is the creator of CultureCircle, where she partners with startups on all things people and culture. She leads training for leaders and creates interactive workshops to assist leaders with leveling up and growing from within. If you’re passionate about building the best culture possible, Charisse’s consultancy skills make her a standout thought leader capable of helping all types of businesses.

Charisse is a culture expert that uses creative ways to empower people at work. Her methods result in improved employee retention, productivity, and a strong sense of belonging at work. She emphasizes personal and professional growth while renewing your workforce’s commitment and engagement to your business and cause. She frequently contributes to HR blogs and shares her thought leadership with the HR market.

Charisse has helped her clients with providing one-on-one or ongoing services for startups, developing dynamic workshops that focus on compliance in the workplace, and building programs and processes that anchor a company’s people and culture. Charisse is the author of How To Keep Your Culture From Going to :poop emoji:, a guide to creating a healthy startup culture.

4. Delivering Happiness

Delivering Happiness has evolved from a New York Times best seller to the world’s first culture “coach-sulting” (coaching and consulting) company. Delivering Happiness has helped over 350 organizations engage employees to create sustainable cultures for businesses around the world. They even worked with culture champion, Zappos, in the early stages of their development.

Delivering Happiness has a unique approach to consulting: they align their objectives with your business goals and help organizations develop amazing core values that create purpose for employees. Delivering Happiness believes that core values are the foundation of a sustainable and thriving culture.

Companies that need to revise or reconsider their core values will benefit from Delivering Happiness’s expertise in creating a sustainable and thriving company culture. Delivering Happiness is dedicated to crafting core values that serve as a compass for how your team interacts with each other and with clients.

5. Dr. Tana M. Session, Organizational Development Strategist & Consultant

“My clients want to go beyond checking the inclusion and diversity box! They are on a mission to create a culture where everyone loves to go to work.” — Dr. Tana M. Session

Dr. Tana M. Session
Dr. Tana M. Session, photo by atlantablackstar.com

Most companies have an inclusion and diversity program, but their engagement survey results show a decline in employee satisfaction. With over 20 years of HR experience, Dr. Tana M. Session has been tirelessly to identify why this happens. She implements diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies for some of the world’s most successful companies, developing a strategy that works. In 2017, she was recognized by Forbes as a top business leader speaking out about the importance of D&I.

Dr. Session’s expertise in the field of D&I makes her a prime hire for anyone looking to appeal to millennial workers, who are known to value diversity and inclusion. She focuses on multi-generational workforces and partners with leaders to ensure the workplace is inclusive for all generations, old and new.

Unconscious and implicit bias is ingrained in all people, and Dr. Session works to uncover that bias. By discovering these biases, she works with management and employees to unlearn toxic workplace behaviors, improve the hiring process, and make the workplace safer for all.

Dr. Session helps companies create a culture where everyone loves going to work by conducting a comprehensive assessment of a company’s current state, meeting with key stakeholders to understand issues, and review findings and recommendations using data-driven strategies. Finally, she helps execute her strategies company-wide, refining them along the way.

6. Dr. Julie Schissel-Loosbrock, CEO & Chief Consultant, Corporate Soul Infusion & Reignite the Soul

Dr. Julie Schissel-Loosbrock is a dynamic business executive, coach, and consultant with a successful track record of innovating organizations from within. Dr. Loosbrock identifies opportunities for improvement and builds on what already works, connecting with people while driving towards strategic initiatives. She is a partner to diverse stakeholders with a recognized ability to identify and solve pain points with a practical approach.

Dr. Julie Schissel Loosbrock
Dr. Julie Schissel-Loosbrock

Dr. Schissel-Loosbrock has partnered with CEOs and executives to identify opportunities in the enterprise to create business and talent strategies utilizing market trends and competitive analysis, gaining support for changes, with leadership backing the transitions. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Strategy
  • Organizational development
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Employee engagement
  • Program design

If your company wants to improve employee engagement and retention, Dr. Schissel-Loosbrock is a leader in the field. She has an authentic approach to improving engagement and her methods work to proactively understand, examine, track, and analyze engagement trends across your organization, from pre-recruitment all the way to retention and exit. Dr. Schissel-Loosbrock helps clients strengthen their brands and hiring processes to transform how employees feel every day at work.

7. Vanessa Shaw, Founder, Human Side of Tech

HR isn’t just a cost center — at least not according to Vanessa Shaw. Vanessa leverages the science behind company culture, like how culture-focused companies outperform their peers on the S&P. Most HR leaders fight an uphill battle to get buy-in and support for transforming your company culture.

Vanessa Shaw, Human Side of Tech
Vanessa Shaw

Vanessa helps you turn your HR and talent practices into collaborative processes that your CEO values, using a strategy called design thinking. 79% of executives see the value of design thinking in HR, and Vanessa’s empathetic and creative approach to design thinking can uncover and identify areas for improvement at your company. 

Anyone looking for a creative approach to create a driving company culture will benefit from Vanessa’s experience and insight. She has spent years working with multinational companies to align groups of stakeholders in over 25 countries and ensure everyone at a company can feel heard and validated. Vanessa provides clear actions companies can take to approach culture, and you should reach out if you’re interested in design thinking and what it can do for you.

8. Scott Asai, Speaker & Coach, Leadership Muscle

“I love to push people because that’s what my coach did for me. Seeing someone reach their potential is what keeps me coming back for more.” — Scott Asai

Scott Asai, IntrovertU
Scott Asai

Scott Asai’s mission is to develop leaders. Scott founded Leadership Muscle with the goal of helping people develop leadership skills to advance their careers. His live events and online school attract large audiences of millennials and introverts. Scott has a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Organizational Leadership. He is also a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Strengths Coach.

Scott’s unique skill set will help bring out leadership qualities in all people — not just those we consider to be fundamentally “good leaders.” We often picture leaders as extroverted and assertive, yet introverts bring valuable leadership skills that executive teams are often missing.

Scott encourages people of all types to become leaders and believes that everyone has something to bring to the table. 

“The key to becoming the leader you want to follow is: to do more of who you are. Unleash your strengths and it changes the game.” — Scott Asai

Creating virtual content is the future, and Scott’s array of online courses and articles bring his ideas to light from anywhere. However, he also prioritizes meeting people face-to-face and hosting events because his goal is to connect with others about leadership and encourage employee development. Scott’s courses or consulting work might help your business (and employees) identify unique leaders.

9. Jamie Notter, Co-Founder and Culture Designer, Human Workplaces

“I help leaders find and fix the patterns in their culture that are getting in the way of success, and as a result, they start improving employee engagement and attracting the best talent.”  — Jamie Notter

Jamie Notter
Jamie Notter

Jamie’s focus is on building company cultures that drive business results. He conducts practical research to help leaders find problems in their company cultures that stop businesses from being as successful as they can be. With Jamie’s expertise, companies can improve employee engagement and attract top talent.

Jamie has over 25 years of professional HR experience, ranging from work in international conflict resolution to managing a consulting practice. He and his partner, Maddie Grant, have written three books that help leaders understand changes in the workforce as millennials become the majority of workers today: Humanize, When Millennials Take Over, and The Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement.

Jamie’s skills are especially useful if you need a keynote speaker at your next major event: he does 20-30 appearances a year, both in the US and abroad, to discuss how to leverage company culture for business success. Jamie has worked with groups like SHRM India, The Wall Street Journal CEO Council, and the American Bankers Association.

10. Hung Pham, Founder and CEO, Culture Summit

Hung Pham is the founder of Culture Summit, a conference that brings together thought leaders and culture champions to share insights and strategies on how to build and transform culture in the workplace. Culture Summit is hosted annually in San Francisco, CA and brings organizations across the world together to discuss how they build workplace culture. Companies have the opportunity to network, hear from leading culture experts, and attend workshops where they can learn new skills to enhance their company culture.

Hung Pham
Hung Pham, photo by bizaboo.com

Hung is also founder of the Culture Collective, a global community of culture champions working together to redefine the employee experience. Both Culture Summit and Culture Collective are great options for companies looking to enhance their company cultures and grow their businesses.

Why Company Culture Matters

Your company culture is your foundation. It shapes the behaviors you want to see day-to-day in your employees. Without it, turnover will rise and employees will quickly disengage from their jobs. These trusted consultants can help you refine your company culture or build it from the bottom-up.

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